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Bitcoin in Gaming

by Tracy Finke

The gaming industry needs to satisfy millions of gamers all over the world. It’s a tough job, but the industry is quite successful at it. This means that developers work tirelessly to produce all kinds of titles to satisfy the various needs of gamers.

Naturally, the industry helps out by adapting to changes. This means PCs and consoles get better hardware which enables gamers to get better games than before. This is how mobile gaming became ultra-popular and how smartphones turned into gaming machines. In short, the industry is an avid follower of trends and makes sure to incorporate them.

One of the current trends is Bitcoin. The virtual currency mania is rocking financial markets all over the world. Some companies have already accepted it as a viable payment method and more are on the way. The gaming industry also belongs to this group, but developers got more out of Bitcoin than just a payment method.

In other words, they were inspired by it and developed a couple of games that got positive feedback on the market. These titles belong to different genres and are good games from start to finish. If you’re looking for something new to try then you can give these titles a chance:

1. Bitcoin Hero

img source: coindesk.com

When you’re looking to get into Bitcoin trading, you’ll be looking for a trading simulator app that will teach you the basics. Bitcoin Hero is one such app and it offers a virtual exchange with several assets to trade with. You’ll have some tools at your disposal which will help you research the market and make informed decisions about your future Bitcoin investments.

There are many other apps you can try out as well. But if it seems a bit too much for you then you can go for a trading platform like the ImmediateEdge app. This platform does anything a trader would do, but it needs settings before it starts trading. So, you’ll need an account to start with the training and a small deposit to have something to trade with.

The training consists of you going over several tutorials and a demo lesson. When it’s done, you can adjust the settings of the platform and go for your first live session. Afterward, you can try out different settings and experiment as much as you want with the platform.

2. Splinterlands

What makes this game stand out from others is that it’s a Bitcoin trading card game. This means you’ll get lots of factions as well as lots of different cards to collect. The number of players equals the number of duelists you’ll face in this game.

When it comes to building a strong deck you can face opponent after opponent and build it that way or you can use Bitcoin to buy these cards and collectibles. Either way, you’ll have a good time with Splinterlands.

3. Merge Cats

img source: apkpure.com

Merge Cats is a simple game with a simple goal. You’ll get all kinds of different cats in this game and your job is to match or to merge them. The more of them you match the better off you’ll be since you’ll get more rewards. Daily challenges are also part of the mix and if you complete enough of them you’ll be rewarded in a specific Bitcoin amount. This is what makes this game pretty unique.

4. BTC Alien Run

This 2D runner gaming activity is ideal for beginners who can play on their smartphones. There are chances to earn digital currency like BTC. There are daily missions that you need to accomplish to win exciting rewards. Android, as well as iOS gamers, can play this game.

You can get payments on Tuesday. The minimum payout of this gaming activity is 0.0002 BTC. If you get stuck in any section, you can contact customer support and get rid of your problem. It is a perfect game for beginners because it is easy, and they can win rewards with ease.

5. Spark Profit

img source: apkpure.com

It is a market prediction game that is full of fun and entertainment. There is a financial trading simulation, which helps you to predict the crypto market. If the prediction is accurate, you will win more points. It is possible to convert those points and cash them out whenever you need them. If you do not understand the game concept, you can view tutorials and other videos.

Millions of users participate in this game and get a chance to win money through weekly payouts. It is possible to get a fun experience for both iOS as well as Android gamers. Both mobile and web versions are available, and any person can win $100 a week. Your data will remain secure, and one can withdraw the cash for minimum points of 20000.

6. Genesis Spells

It is relatively popular as a trading card gaming activity which consists of some arcade features. It works on blockchain technology that helps in collecting, trading, and combining orbs. The main aim is to build the deck, and all the contestants are tested who can explore the Askian world. It is possible to win great rewards in it and earn BTC.

You can buy and sell BTC for your future investment. Undoubtedly, it is an entertaining way to make such an investment. If we talk about its features, then you will get responsive customer support service, rewards, trade blockchain cards, and much more. Initially, you need some training to understand the game and get enough experience.

7. Satoshi Quiz

img source: satoshiquiz.blogspot.com

In this gaming activity, you can easily win Bitcoins by giving answers to some questions. You will get points for each answer, and that’s how you can make money. But you have to be quick because you need to be the one out of three starting users who can answer any query correctly.

The tier system of this game consists of questions, and one can win the rewards accordingly. You can receive payment one day a week. It is possible to switch to a premium account after gaining enough experience to win more rewards. You can reach the customer support team through social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

You can also use the live chat option whenever you need any help regarding this gaming activity. This quiz-based game requires a lot of knowledge about the types of questions asked. It is necessary to be prepared for them to get Bitcoins.


The value of the gaming market isn’t going anywhere but up. This means that Bitcoin will play an important role in the gaming industry since it’s already playing an important role in general. As a result, more Bitcoin games will be on the way and the crypto gamer will become the next kind of gamer. In short, Bitcoin and gaming have a bright future together.