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Is Bitcoin Good Or Bad For The Global Economy?

by Tracy Finke

The world economy is a compassionate matter to talk about because if we begin considering the variables that can affect it, it’s enormous. After all, the countries are under a significant amount of debt. This is not the end; there are even multiple issues and policies that affect the country’s revenue and thus the world economy. In such conditions, if there is a release of a new stock or a new currency, it will have an unbelievable effect on the others.

So in this article, we will discuss Bitcoin and whether it is a good choice or not.

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What is Bitcoin?

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Before moving further, we must clear some fundamental issues like what is a cryptocurrency and what are bitcoins.

The cryptocurrency, as the name suggests, is the new form of currency found digitally and does not have any tangible value. So these cryptocurrencies work based on hashes and mining. We will discuss this all in detail further in the article.

Sometimes people are confused about what a cryptocurrency is, is it a digital treasure of what can make a person rich, or what is it? The cryptocurrency is the token of blockchains that provide advanced safety levels of speed to the users. So there are certain blocks on which files, data, and transactions are cryptography, making it so secure. So the miners use their fast systems to solve complex equations that might provide a 4 bit or 8-bit code that is the equation’s solution.

Once the code is found, the miner receives a mining reward of 6.5 bitcoins deposited in his bitcoin wallet. So this way, cryptocurrency works. It’s not an easy thing to be understood in minutes. It requires excessive research and knowledge, so before jumping to conclusions, know deeply about the topic.

So now you have understood what cryptocurrency is, so then let’s move ahead with Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency which was introduced, and it was introduced in the year 2009. When it was released, it was a new concept, and people were not aware of this idea, but soon the news spread and people started investing in bitcoin. This way, the crypto market expanded at an unstoppable rate. Bitcoin is said to have been developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, a mysterious personality because now bitcoin is worth over $60 billion. The person with this name denies being the founder of bitcoin.

This is a great deal of fortune, and still, people are unaware of the founder of cryptocurrency and this mind-boggling blockchain idea. So let us now discuss the pros and Cons of Bitcoin for the global economy.

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1. Rise in Investments

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This is the most assured and possible positive point of cryptocurrency. With its introduction, there is a rapid rise in the investment made in the companies because it allowed a significant boost in the value of bitcoins. Once the deal was at its peak, this soon called in for more investors, and new ideas were promoted.

2. No third party is involved

Sometimes it is very annoying that you have to wait for the bank’s approval to complete the transaction, and if the bank denies the payment, you sit empty-handed. But this has now come to an end because there is no decentralized money in hands with crypto.

Now only senders and receivers are needed in these crypto transactions and no third party permission, so it is relatively fast, safe and reliable. So these are better alternatives in countries that have poor banking facilities.

3. Low transaction charges

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Another great advantage of bitcoin is that it charges the minimum to its users for any form of payment, so they are almost free. And with the surge in the popularity of bitcoins, people are taking the initiative to launch Bitcoin ATMs and debit cards which allow them to make money in the form of paper currency. So the bitcoin market is a booming one, and with this constant growth, there can be high results waiting on the verge.

With low transaction charges and easy foreign investments, it is easier for the users to transfer their money and invest it in overseas companies, so it is a handy way of investing.

4. Choose own currency

Till now, you would have only got the feature of choosing our bank account number or choosing the color of your credit card, but now you can be limitless; crypto allows you to select a currency for yourself. Just like stocks go up when more people invest in the company so, in the same way, the value of the money will go high when more people make transactions in it. So you choose your currency because some are faster, some are safer, and some have a good market cap.


Along with various Pros and uses, the cryptocurrency has some cons, making the Government halt its finalizing cryptocurrency as legal and under global use

1. Money Laundering

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The most troublesome idea for the Government is that this will promote and simplify money laundering because One cannot trace the transactions made from this cryptocurrency back. If the Government cannot trace these transactions back, they can also be illegal transactions because they mention the amount, not the cause or the identity of the sender and receiver.

So the anonymity of the cryptocurrency is a more significant threat to banking transactions.

2. Unstable

The value of a standard currency is judged based on the country’s stakes, but in the case of cryptocurrency, the case goes strangely because the value of crypto depends on demand on the market. One cannot place the world economy on the concept, which is itself a variable of order. So cryptocurrency is unstable.

Cryptocurrency is an advanced idea that has baffled people because people have never thought of a concept like this one. So new ideas take time, and one needs to analyze the benefits and losses of the same, so it is a new idea that is being investigated. Once all issues have been highlighted, then they can be easily fixed with a few alterations.