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Best Ways for Non-Profit Organizations to Raise Money Online

by Jajce d Muckic

Non-profit organizations (NPO) are non-business entities which are dedicated to a particular social cause or simply advocate a shared point of view.

Basically, they are organizations that are not keeping any of the profit they make, and instead use it to further achieve their ultimate objective. Some of the common goals and values that span across NPOs around the world are improving healthcare in a certain area, purchasing better school equipment for the youth, build sports and recreational centers etc.


Although non-profit organizations have good causes and goals in front of them, they sometimes struggle to raise the funds.

Keep reading to find out what some of the best ways that a non-profit organization can raise some money online are.

Best ways for NPO’s to raise money online

One of the key aspects and elements of a non-profit organization are the accountability, honesty, trustworthiness, and openness to every person that decides to be a part of it, and invest either money or time in it. When it comes to raising funds and charity, nobody would like their money to go into something that is sketchy or shady which is why being transparent is crucial for the NPO to be successful.

One of the key solutions for a non-profit organization to raise money online is to always have a clear and detailed plan, also known as a roadmap, which will allow all interested people to deeply analyze what the main goal of the organization is.

Marketing is essential as well. You can have the idea that would change the world, but that would be in vain if your voice cannot be heard. That is why NPOs need to set aside a part of their money for advertising purposes.


Because of the difficulties of raising money online, people came up with a beautiful idea, a website called donorbox.org, which is basically a WordPress online donation plug-in that allows people to donate money to a certain cause in just a few clicks.

What makes donorbox more unique than other similar online donation plug-ins or fundraising websites, is the flexibility that it offers to the users. Some fundraising websites require you to make monthly payments and that is something that frustrates a lot of users. On the other hand, donorbox allows you to make a one-time payment, or if you want to continuously support a certain cause or an NPO, you can modify your plan to whichever way you like and donate money online how you see fit.

Also, something that happens quite frequently is the lack of payment method options, which leaves people with good intentions unable to help a certain cause, simply because they have no way of donating their money. Donorbox has included some of the most famous payment method options in their list, and this includes PayPal as well, so you are free to make an online donation without really going through a lot of hassle of using credit cards and other impractical methods.


About twenty thousand organizations from thirty different countries across the world are using Donorbox as their fundraising method, so if you really want to join the cause and support the movement, feel free to give them some love and attention thru an online donation. Being humane is what makes us human after all.