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Best Survival Shows

by Elsa Stringer

Have you ever heard of Bear Grylls and Les Stroud? These two gentlemen are among the most famous survival show hosts. However, what if we tell you that in fact, they are not the first to start the whole story about this type of TV show.

The first person to record his daily life in the wild was Richard Louis Proenneke. If you don’t know who he is, Mr. Proenneke was a big fan of nature and spent a large part of his life in a wooden cabin he made by himself in Alaska. Several documentaries and series have been recorded about his life in the wilderness.


After that, the popularity of survival TV shows was rapidly increased, and then, TV personalities such as Les Stroud and Bear Grylls came up with their shows. Also, new formats such as reality shows have appeared. However, have you ever wondered what are the best survival shows? If so, we have an answer to your question. In the next article that we have prepared for you, you will be able to discover some of them. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

1. Alone


As you can conclude from the name of this survival show, all participants are alone and the main goal is to stay the last with the help of survival skills and win a $500,000 prize. In the first, second and fourth season, the location was Vancouver Island, Patagonia was in the third, Northern Mongolia in season 5 and Great Slave Lake in the sixth season. The show is still broadcasting on the History Channel.

2. Naked and afraid


“Naked and afraid” is another survival show that is actually a reality TV show. If you are not familiar with the rules, participants or competitors are one male and female person who must be completely naked and spend three weeks in the wild faced with various dangers. “Naked and afraid” is a Discovery Channel’s project.

3. Mountain Men


Another History Channel project is the “Mountain Men” survival show. So far, it has been aired 7 sensors of this reality TV series. Since the first season so far, three people are constantly present in this show, and these are Marty, Morgan and Tom.

4. Dual Survival


We mentioned above the famous Bear Grylls, which was a host of popular survival show called “Man vs. Wild”. Well, “Dual Survival” is a pretty similar TV series to this one. It can be said that there are some similarities to “Naked and Afraid” because here two men are introduced to each and they have never seen each other before, as well. These two have to cooperate in order to survive in the wild.

5. Ultimate Survival Alaska

For the end, project by National Geographic Channel. In Ultimate Survival Alaska, a group of people have dropped off the airplane to Alaska and their task is to show their survival skills and win in a several thousand miles long race. Of course, the goal is to pass this distance for as little time as possible. Indeed, this was the ultimate survival show because competitors faced very harsh conditions, weather conditions and various dangerous animals.