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8 Best Prank Apps of 2024

by Elsa Stringer

There are many prank apps in Google Play, iTunes Store and Windows App Store. People can be easily fooled with the help of these apps. In this article, we will tell you about the best prank apps of 2024, with the help of which you can prank anyone with your friends.

1. iFart™


Prank apps are so beneficial because they enhance time tested traditional pranks and make them even better. iFart™ is one of these apps, sorting out all of your flatulence needs to unleash on your buddies.

The app isn’t a whoopee cushion if that’s what you think as they provide several unique features applicable to everyday life.

2. Security Fart

Other than playing loud comical fart sounds for entertainment its also a fantastic deterrent for getting out of dire situations! Security fart uses motion sensors to play if your phone is being snatched, blasting a loud fart noise.

3. Sneak Attack

This hilarious function lets users set a timer for fart sounds beforehand. Laugh at your buddy’s expense by setting the timer to 30 seconds and placing the phone nearby. After the time passes, a loud fart sound will play instantly, making your friend look guilty in the process. Sneak Attack is best played in a packed quiet room, like the library or a classroom.


  • Additional features offered than your traditional whoopee cushion
  • Fart sounds can be delayed, recorded, played instantly or played when the phone is moved.

4. OwnagePranks


The Ownage Pranks app is among the very best prank dial apps around, as it practically does the work for you during a prank call. It offers over 100 prerecorded calls with each one providing a unique and hilarious prank scenario making no one exempt from your fun and games.

Want to prank your boss about a job position that was recently put up? Use the ‘Looking for a Job’ prank script where Abdo inquires and insists on having eight weeks off and increased pay before he accepts. Top-performing prank scripts you can try are ‘Stay Away From My Girl’ and ‘Stop Calling My Number’.

If you’re confused about how an automated call could fool your friends, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how it works. The app’s AI can swiftly analyze phone conversations in an instant, doing so by recognizing keywords and detecting silence to respond at the right times.

To make a prank call, choose the prank script that suits your target, select your contact and press call. Afterwards, you can listen in the background, laughing at your friend’s funny reactions.


  • Offers over 100 automated prerecorded prank calls
  • Calls are recorded allowing you and others to listen again afterwards
  • Receive one free credit daily

5. Fake Call – Fake Caller ID


Instead of making a call to prank your buddies, this app lets you receive one, scheduled by the user. A fake call app provides various ways for the most creative pranks and is particularly great for getting away from uncomfortable situations.

For example, if you’re trying to sell something that’s not particularly valuable to someone and needs convincing, make a fake incoming call and pretend there’s another interested buyer. Alternatively, a fake call is perfect for escaping a boring work meeting with a great made-up excuse on hand, i.e. A pet emergency you must go too.

If someone suspects fraudulency and wants to inspect your contact responsible for all your shenanigans, then don’t worry. This app lets you customize every fake caller individually by assigning them a phoney name, phone number and image.


  • Schedule a fake call to ring you in an instant
  • Give each fake caller customized details
  • Load an audio file to play during phone calls

6. Ghost Lens AR Fun Movie Maker


This app lets you make paranormal pictures and videos with no technical ability required, providing an easy to use photo and video editor to creep out your friends.

Much like photoshop except simplified Ghost Lens uses a split camera to make a body double of yourself, making it appear like your spirit is in the picture. Pictures can also be altered to look transparent, giving a ghostly vibe to fool your buddies.

Users can apply various fun filters on videos up to 60 minutes, such as making bodies float in the air and swapping body parts. Volume can also be adjusted to build suspense, making certain parts to play louder than others. If you prefer a comedic tone, you can add fun ghost stickers to your ghost in both video and photo.


  • With so many filters and different alteration options available, you can be as bold and creative as you like!
  • You must have done photo editing many times by applying photo effects, but the joy of using this application is different.
  • You can add ghosts and souls behind images using this app. Prank your friends to your heart’s delight using this app. It is free on Google Play for Android users.

7. Baby Maybe – Fake Pregnancy Ultrasound Prank App


This is a very interesting application which friends can use to prank their pregnant friend. Open this application in the mobile and jiggle the mobile on the pregnant woman’s abdomen. After this, the application shows a fake pregnancy x-ray so that you can surprise the pregnant woman. You can download this application from Google Play for free.


  • The highest quality fake ultrasound report generator present in the market.
  • Quite Realistic. Real Ultrasound Paper is provided
  • You can easily choose the age of the foetus and the hospital name.

8. Android Rock: Voice Changer Prank App


If you like to scare friends, then you will definitely like this application. It acts as a voice recorder. In which you can record the voice of friends and change their voice to different voice. This application has many different sounds of humans, animals and machines that you can use with Chorus and Echo. You can download this application from Google Play for free.


  • Supports numerous voices
  • Record any voice and apply desired effects to it
  • You can apply filters to previously recorded voices as well
  • There are no in-app charges