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Best Places to Eat Chicken

by William Gist

Chicken is so good and so versatile that people cannot stop enjoying it. It goes with everything and you can eat it any time of the day. But most of all, fried chicken has the potential to satisfy everyone’s appetite. It makes sense at the dinner table with potatoes, and it makes sense at the ball game in a form of chicken snacks.

Americans love chicken, especially fried chicken, so we’re going to take a look at the best places to eat chicken in America.

Arnold’s Country Kitchen

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Tennesseans can confirm this one for us but Arnold’s Country Kitchen might possibly be one of the best places to eat chicken. Why is that? Well, possibly the fact that they have it on their menu once per week, causing people to go bananas on that very day. Imagine loving something so much that you can only have it on Monday? Arnold’s Country Kitchen is enjoying legendary status in the chicken game, and people are so desperate for their fried chicken that it’s virtually impossible to get served on Mondays.

Barbecue Inn

Barbecue Inn is located in Houston and is held by the Skrehot family for generations. It is one of the best placed to get fried chicken in the entirety of Texas. This place is so good that you will instantly disregard your diet and munch on a couple of chicken-fried steaks. For the ultimate combo, order your fried chicken with baked potato stuffed with chopped beef. They also have some amazing sauces that will more than meet your standards of dipping sauces.


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The famous “Bojangles Chicken n Biscuit” has existed for some time and the south absolutely loves it. It is one of the highest rated chicken places in the entire country with restaurants from Alabama to North Carolina. But possibly the best reason as to why people eat fried chicken at Bojangles is the fact that the restaurant chain focuses on customer experience at all times. According to Surveyh.com, Bojangles they have surveys up at all time that tries to uncover the solution to the woes of customers. With amazing fried chicken and amazing customer service, Bojangles is a must-visit place for all chicken lovers.

Beasley’s Chicken + Honey

There is something about dinner-style places that makes people want to come and eat their food. But there is something special about this place as well. We can’t really figure out why, or can we? Have you ever had fried chicken with honey dipping? If not, do you live under a rock or something? The salty, wondrously juicy, taste of fried chicken combined with the sweet taste of honey makes this place stand out from the list of chain restaurants. Beasley’s Chicken + Honey offers just that, and then some more. While the honey is optional, we highly doubt anyone refuses it. You can even order a portion of waffles with your chicken and put a glorious finish to the day. Be we aren’t finished yet. How about fried chicken, honey, and pimento cheese with some brown butter chuck cake? The options are endless and Beasley’s Chicken + Honey has them all for you.