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Best Mirrorless Cameras for Travel in 2024

by William Gist

Mirrorless cameras are considered to be the perfect camera for travel as they offer great functionality and image quality while being lighter and more portable than classic DSLR cameras. We have put together a detailed guide to help you choose the best mirrorless camera for your next travel.

We’ll help you decide if a mirrorless camera Is the right choice for you, provide you with advice to help you choose the best mirrorless camera in 2024, and share a list of the best mirrorless camera that is currently available in different price points.

What is a mirrorless camera?


A mirrorless camera is similar in a lot of ways to DSLR or larger SLR cameras, but as the name suggests, there is no mirror inside.

To explain what this difference means it is important to understand what SLR means. A single-lens reflex, or an SLR camera, is a common camera design that has been used for years and decades. When digital sensors replaced the film, the design of the camera remained the same. The main difference being that the film was replaced with digital sensors, and the letter “D” which refers to the digital part of the camera.

Both DSLRs and SLRs have a mirror inside them. According to chasingheartbeats.com, this is what reflects the light that is coming through the lens and up to the optical viewfinder, which is the part of the camera you look through to see the image. A mirrorless camera removes this reflex mirror. This allows the camera to be smaller, as this mirror mechanism can take up a lot of space and adds considerable weight. It also means that you cannot have an optical viewfinder on a mirrorless camera, as there isn’t anything that can direct the light.


The imaging sensor in a mirrorless camera is exposed to light directly from the lens. This allows you to have a digital preview of the image through a rear LCD screen. This allows you to see on the screen exactly what the image will look like.

Otherwise, the mirrorless camera is pretty similar to the DSLR camera in terms of features. It is also worth mentioning that compact cameras, smartphone cameras and other actions camera like the GoPros also do not have flipping mirrors inside, however, the term mirrorless is only used for cameras that are similar to DSLR ones.

Best Mirrorless Cameras

Sony A6400


Compact, lightweight and sturdily built, the a6400 is loaded with impressive features and capabilities. With super-fast autofocus and very precise subject tracking, it is ideal for capturing fast-moving objects, while its stunning image quality and wide sensitivity range make it suitable for any photographic opportunity you will encounter. The Sony a6400 is compatible with over 100 E-mount lenses and you can find reviews for the best a6400 lenses on AlphaShooters.com.

Canon EOS m100


Your money gets you the camera along with a good 15-45mm lens, and a 24.2-megapixel APS-c sensor and a pretty fast autofocus speed. You also have both WiFi and Bluetooth for connectivity.

Fujifilm X-A5


Also, an entry-level mirrorless camera that launched in 2018. Features a 24.2-megapixel APS-c sensor, a responsive touchscreen, and a 12-45 image-stabilized zoom lens.