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8 Best Electric Motorbikes to Consider in 2024

by Elsa Stringer

Electric vehicles are already conquering the market, offering drivers to save significant amounts of money on annual petrol supplies and complicated service. While the market for electric cars has a small number of models to offer, and everyone knows about them, the market for electric motorbikes is much more diverse. YourMotoBro.com experts have visited many presentations and test-drive sessions in 2024, and Q1 2024 and the selection of their favorite electric bikes are presented below.

1. Zero SR


Zero SR is a fabulous sporty two-wheeler with a design that can compete with high-speed monsters by Ducati, Kawasaki, and Honda. However, you won’t hear any noise after starting the engine. The top speed of this EV is 102MPH, which is enough to keep up with the pace of any highway and to be mobile enough on the streets of a busy city.

The maximal range from a fully charged battery depends on a range, but the average range in the city is 179 miles, which means that you can use it to drive to work, have a ride around the city, and come back without the need to recharge during the day.

2. Energica Ego


If you want an even more aggressive motorbike, the Energica Ego may become an excellent choice. This electric motorcycle is designed and manufactured in the same town as Vespa scooters, but it’s a much more contemporary and powerful aggregate.

Energica engineers managed to create a lightweight motorbike that can handle around 100 miles on a top speed of 149 miles per hour, which is one of the best results amongst all the available models.

3. Johammer J1.200


Johammer J1.200 is the weirdest motorbike we’ve seen on YourMotoBro.com. Its unusual design looks like a futuristic tribute to the old concept-bikes by Indian and other legendary motorsport pioneers. This sci-fi two-wheeler provides excellent performance, including 75mph top speed and 120-mile range on a single charge.

This bike doesn’t have a dashboard. Instead, it has high-resolution displays built into transparent rear-view mirrors. Such an innovative combination lets you evaluate the situation behind while checking the current speed and battery charge level.

4. Harley-Davidson LifeWire


This sleek road runner by Harley-Davidson is a revolutionary creation of H-D engineers and designers. It combines a look of a sleek modern Harley roadster with a powerful electric unit that can go from 0 to 60mph in just 3 seconds.

You can charge its battery to 100% in less than 60 minutes and to 80% in 30 minutes using a special power cord. A full battery lets you drive up to 146 miles in the city on a top speed of 95mph. Later, in 2024, Harley promises to extend the line of their EVs with 2 cheaper models for offroad and city  commuting.

5. Gogoro Smartscooter S2 Adventure


Gogoro Smartscooter S2 Adventure is a reliable high-clearance machine that’s both suitable for the city and countryside. It can easily do over 100 miles with 2 passengers,  due to an extended sit and strengthened suspension that’s suitable even for rocky roads.

The entire body of the scooter is framed with front, side, and backward racks that add some extra protection and let you hang quite a lot of road luggage. If you need a medium-speed bike for unhurried road trips, Gogoro Smartscooter S2 Adventure is a perfect choice.

6. Super Soco TC-Max


We first saw Super Soco TC-Max on at Motorcycle Live 2018 in the UK but didn’t pay enough attention because LifeWire and Energica Ego concepts looked much more promising. This year we were lucky to have hands-on this lightweight bike, and it was a  real surprise.

This $4500 motorcycle has a powerful battery by Amperex Technology Limited, the manufacturer of all batteries for Apple devices. It lets you drive up to 80 miles at 60mph. It’s a perfect result for such a low price. YourMotoBro.com experts recommend you to get this bike if you want a stylish sporty solution for the price of a scooter.

7. Vespa Elettrica


Vespa is the 2nd legendary manufacturer on our list that decided to join the EV trend. Vespa Elettrica is a good old Vespa scooter with an electric engine that’s equal to the original petrol-powered unit.

Elettrica lets you go for around 62 miles on a single charge and speed up to 32mph. It’s a perfect urban commuter with a glorious historical background.

8. Alta Motors Redshift MXR


If you need a lightweight electric all-road solution, but you don’t have time to wait for the upcoming Harley-Davidson’s electric dirt bike, try Alta Motors Redshift MXR.

This 259lb bike has a classic offroad design, aluminum body, and sporty suspension. You’re not likely to win a cup on this one yet, but it’s perfect for training or just having fun. Besides,