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Best Drone for GoPro 2024

by Elsa Stringer

In the modern world, there are seemingly countless ways of taking photographs and recording videos. From professional cameras to amazing new smartphones with unreal apps and features, it has never been easier to try your luck in photography.However, when you are on the go and travelling, in nature and surrounded by elements and changing weather, GoPro cameras are the way to go. They have dozens of gadgets and add-ons to help you in different conditions, like helmet mounts and underwater protection. But if you want aerial shots and videos, you will need the right drone. Read on to learn about five of the best ones currently on the market.


1. 3DR Solo – Best Overall Drone for GoPro 2024 – Around $320

This drone is the most popular choice on the current market. It has great features and it is quite simple and easy to use, because the people behind it simplified the flying for everybody. Tt is only a question of pushing the button to control it, and the aircraft is maneuverable enough. You are able to pause it in midair, as it can hover, while it is a breeze to take off and land. All GoPro models fit, meaning you can take awesome pics. You can fly it around 15-20 minutes, and the range is 1km.

3DR Solo


2. Ionic Stratus – Best Budget GoPro Drone – Around $100

This drone is very affordable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. It runs on the best and most responsive motors in this class. A 2.4 GHz remote control goes with it. The drone is quite stable, important for taking pictures from the air. It addition, it can reach fast speeds, and is flexible in the air., thanks to its six-axis Gyro stabilization system. The wind will not give it trouble, as it has a wind control feature. This drone is considered a budget purchase, as it is highly affordable. Therefore, it is an awesome entry level choice. It only stays in the air for 10 minutes however, and the range is low, only 150 meters.

Ionic Stratus


3. DJI Phantom 2 – Best value GoPro Drone – Around $370

Here is another great GoPro drone of good quality. It is clear from its design that it was meant for aerial cinematography. It is easy to control and fly, and you do not need any prior flying experience before you purchase it. However, it is not for special aerial acrobatics while in flight, which is okay since you need it for photos. This is perhaps the fastest drone on this list, and you will be amazed at how quickly it can move. However, that means it is easy to crash if you are not careful, so pay attention. Although GoPro cameras are tough, repeated crashes will damage both the drone and the camera. It can stay on for 25 minutes, and 300 meters far.

DJI Phantom 2


4. Traxxas Aton Plus – Good Value GoPro Drone – Around $500

Traxxas Aton Plus is used for different purposes by customers, but mostly for aerial photography and great quality images. Its superior performance grant it top reviews in its class. If you want a true and durable investment in a GoPro drone, you cannot go wrong with this one, as it is among the best on the market today. It is very user friendly because and simple to use. The creators thought about superior design and performance while making it. Many think of it as a sporty drone as well, which says much about is potential in the air. It is very versatile, quick, and it performs and behaves well in the air. The ease of use is always on the top of everyone’s list with drones, and this one checks that important box. It can only go 150m away from you however, but the battery gives it 20 minutes of flight time.

Traxxas Aton Plus


5. GOPRO Karma – Official GoPro Drone – $600

This drone is the go-to drone for GoPro cameras. However, there were some battery issues with this one but this is a thing of the past now. The company has dealt with it, and according to fixthephoto, GoPro Karma is now among the best drones of its kind on the market as it is placed on a removable three-axis suspension and has a good stabilization. The battery us now exceptional. One other feature great for video recording with your camera is the low noise of the propellers, thanks to the superior quality of the materials. If you want a drone that pairs best with GoPro cameras, Karma is the right one for you. It leads the class in range, which is an amazing 3000 meters. It stays on for 20 minutes.