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Benefits Of Wearing Moldavite? – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Many people do not believe or are simply unaware of how and in what way the crystals they wear as jewelry have been used on them. Each crystal around itself radiates energy, depending on the type, size, and material with which it is surrounded. Nevertheless, one stands out for its properties. One of the strongest crystals in the world, which surpasses all others, and in whose name every connoisseur of crystals will stop is moldavite.

You can wear some crystals as jewelry and not be even aware of their energy. However, this does not apply to moldavite. Its influence is also very noticeable, regardless of whether you are a connoisseur or not.

What kind of stone is that?

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Moldavite is a stone of the new age, and some extraterrestrial properties are attributed to it. It is believed to have been formed 15 million years ago when a huge meteorite hit the earth. This tektite arose from the heat of the blow itself. It melted and mixed with the surface earth, thus creating a combination of extraterrestrial materials with the materials of Mother Earth. This very rare stone is found in only a few locations and in the Czech Republic, Moldova and Germany. It is estimated that there are only 275 tons of this stone on earth so that in about 10 years all its deposits would have been depleted.

This stone is green but can be found in different shades. It is transparent and its surface is not smooth. In nature, there is a very small stone, up to 3 cm. Its hardness is 6 units, which means that processing is very complicated. Also, it can be melted only in special furnaces at 1300 degrees c.

Why moldavite?

This is not only a strong crystal, but it contains intense energy vibrations that protect and help the spiritual path of people. Its energy can help you change your life. It can also have a tremendous impact on health. Even if you are someone who simply does not believe in the energy of crystals if you come in contact with this rock, things will change, it simply cannot pass imperceptibly. Another great advantage: there are almost no negative properties.

In addition to these healing features, this stone is very beautiful as jewelry. According to www.allrings.co.uk, moldavite is becoming more and more popular as an ornament on jewelry, and its price is growing day by day.

If you’re still wondering what are the benefits of owning and carrying this stone, here are a few specifics:

1. Moldavite healing

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This exceptional stone, in addition to helping you cure certain diseases, has another benefit. Before you target it for a particular problem, it will help you become aware of the cause and source of the disease. So, they draw attention to the gift that is within your problem.

This stone has been used for centuries to treat asthma, the body’s sensitivity to toxins and epilepsy. Also, who has a problem with excess weight, reduced pressure, or insomnia, traditional medicine recommends wearing this stone. Successfully relieving a headache, just looking at it for a few minutes can improve your eyesight.

2. Psychological benefits

Moldavite can help resolve emotional problems and conditions such as anger, despair and fears more easily. It helps those who are emotionally blocked to look at themselves and recognize and accept themselves and their feelings. It can also be used as a diagnostic tool. People who do not like its dark green color, mostly have an aversion to emotions and need to experience unconditional love. They may also be hiding emotional trauma, which has yet to surface and be healed.

3. Benefits through meditation

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This mineral is just magical. A person who owns it can very easily be filled with vital energy, but also open energy fields. Very often this stone is used in spiritual sessions and magic rituals.

Moldavite has an extremely high vibration and by using this stone in meditation you can develop your psychic abilities. It opens, clears blockages and harmonizes the chakras.

This stone accelerates spiritual growth. Moldavite corresponds to the crown chakra although it can be used on other chakras. It opens the crown chakra to receive more spiritual guidance. On this chakra it allows easier access to all the altered states of our mind, and it is easier for you to engage in deep meditation, to understand your dreams. Also, with this stone, it is much easier to enter a hypnotized state.

This stone is perfect for working on the heart chakra. For those who may not be instructed, blocked emotions lead to the closure of the heart chakra and this is manifested through diseases such as high or low blood pressure, chronic stress and depression. If you meditate on the heart chakra with the help of this stone, you can achieve balance in feelings and spiritual well-being. Every meditation with moldavite should start with this chakra because it makes it easier for the purest intentions of the heart to come to the surface.

If you meditate on the heart chakra with the help of this stone, you can also open the channels of your intuition. You will strengthen your gift for foresight and you can gain the ability to feel the cosmic super soul.

Placed on the so-called third eye or the sixth chakra located at the root of the nose, it can enable you to see ahead into the future or to go back to the past. It makes it easier to travel to other lives and is ideal for all those who cannot come to terms with this karmic life on earth.

4. Moldavite as jewelry

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This stone is very popular as a piece of jewelry and has been used as an ornament for centuries. It can be inserted into a hoop of rings, bracelets, as a pendant, or on the earrings. Precisely because of its magical and healing properties, people love to carry it with them, even as jewelry. However, you have to be careful because a large number of fake stones can be found on the market. It is best to buy jewelry with this stone from a verified and safe seller.

Moldavite has almost no negative properties. With proper use, regular cleaning and filling of this stone, it can heal and encourage for a long time. Check with this dealers about how to maintain it and try to follow instructions. Although it is easy to handle and quite safe, there is a possibility that some people with this stone feel “lost in space” or simply feel displaced. In these cases, it is very important that after its use you ground yourself with some other stone, such as Hematite, Tiger’s Eye, or many others.