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Benefits Of Clean Water In Any Home

by Elsa Stringer

Having access to safe, clean water is a fundamental right for every human being. But this doesn’t mean that everyone gets full access to it.

Many of us have felt that horrible feeling when we can’t get enough to drink and end up feeling parched, which often makes one lightheaded and sluggish from the lack of hydration.

While the waterworks in first-world countries and developed countries are reliable, they aren’t perfect. If you check out the newspapers, you’ll find several incidents of contamination that have caused widespread destruction.

If you’re still looking for more incentive, we have compiled a list of the top benefits of having clean water for your home below.

What is hard water?


Before we start discussing the benefits of using clean water for your home, it’s crucial for you to understand why hard water is so bad.

The self-explanatory phrase was coined by earlier generations who simply found the liquid hard to clean with. They much preferred collecting soft rainwater in a barrel and then using it for Performing household chores like laundering and cleaning.

The US Department of the Interior classifies liquid hardness according to the grains per gallon (gpg) concentration of hardness minerals. This refers to magnesium and/or calcium. Here’s a chart to help you understand this better:

Water that contains 1 gpg to 3.5 gpg of calcium and/or magnesium is termed as slightly hard water.

One that contains 3.5 gpg to 7 gpg is termed to be moderately hard.
One that is found in the 7.0 gpg to 10.5 gpg range is considered to be hard water.
One that has gpg greater than 10.5 makes it very hard.

Soft water, on the other hand, contains less than 1 gpg. So while you may not see any tangible difference between both types, it is still there.

Understanding the benefits of using clean water for your home

Read on as we discuss how you can change the way your home looks by getting a softener:


It can greatly minimize residue buildup

Have you ever noticed those hard-to-remove white stains on your bathroom tiles? Well, that’s mineral buildup caused by hard water. In fact, its buildup, along with limescale and soap scum buildup are some of the hardest stains to remove. Instead, if you use filtered water, your home will be in a much better condition.

For those of you who aren’t aware, having soft, clean water can drastically reduce the overall cleanup you do at home. You see, calcium and magnesium buildup on your porcelain and tile floors and other surfaces, which creates scales.

You will also save lots of time and money considering cleaning is much quicker, and you won’t have to call professionals to remove these stains.

It will prolong the longevity of your appliances


Your appliances can also benefit a lot if you take the necessary measures to remove water hardness.

You see, the former type has specific elements, such as free chlorine, that can have a drying effect on the different appliance parts. As a result, you will find yourself replacing these parts more frequently than normal.

For washing machines, in particular, hard water can be a nightmare, causing them to deteriorate faster over time. Not only does this type increase buildup in the machine’s pipes, but it can also create sedimentation, which, in turn, can hinder smooth functioning.

On the contrary, if you have a clean H2O supply, you won’t have to face deterioration and inefficiency problems. Appliances and other machines will continue to work as normal due to little to no buildup or drying.

It gives you shiny and streak-free glassware


Having soft, clean water can also make washing the dishes and glassware easier. In fact, you might have already noticed how your dishes can develop white streaks over continued use. This is due to the same reason as your porcelain and sink – hard water.

And if that wasn’t enough, this buildup will take away the newness from your dishwasher and glassware. No matter how hard you try, your dishes and glasses will still look dull once all the droplets dry.

Doing the opposite will help keep the glassware cleaner for longer. Once you are done using soap, the softer liquid will wash everything away and doesn’t stay on like its harder counterpart. So no unsightly white stains to worry about or hide from your guests!

It will keep your clothes and bedding newer for longer


Fabrics have a tendency to wear out up to 15% faster due to residue buildup. The residue in the fabric stiffens it, which increases friction and wear on it.

The main problem behind this is that the effectiveness of detergents is reduced by hard water, reducing the lubrication, and shortening its overall life.

In fact, a 1991 Purdue University study found that washing fabrics in hard water can fade colors faster, stiffen the material, and has a yellowing or darkening effect on whites. Even laundry is a problem, with your clothes not getting very clean and resoiling with greater ease.

It can improve the appearance and taste of your food items


This may sound hard to believe, but using clean filtered water can help improve the appearance, taste, and smell of your foods and beverages. Contrarily, using the untreated version can result in aesthetic problems for foods, especially for those items that require liquid for cooking like rice, coffee, pasta, tea, and so on.

You can test this theory by using soft water to make ice. You will find that the ice is clear and not cloudy. The ice cubes also taste cleaner and smell fresh.

The bottom line – Take advantage of clean aqua for a higher quality of life


Consuming and using clean and filtered water has a plethora of benefits – each one of which is undeniable. Whether it’s your home or even your body, you’ll be able to live a better life by making this one change, which will immediately give you the best results.

With all these health benefits, you should take the necessary measures to remove any contaminants, as well as soften your H20. After all, why shouldn’t you want to improve the quality of your life?

Keeping this in mind, it would be wiser for people to have access to various sources of water. Still, you will have to make sure that you’re able to remove the hardness from the liquid to make it drinkable and safe. For more information check https://watersofteners.reviews/best-well/.