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Apps That Help Co-Parenting

by William Gist

Mobile applications have already become a part of our everyday lives. Today, they exist even for divorced parents. Mobile applications also captured this part of our lives. Joint planner, calendar of children’s appointments, changes in the parents’ schedule, monitoring of medical examinations, expenses related to the child, etc. All this helps us to better organize our lives. Sometimes problems between divorced couples come from imprecise plans, miscommunication, and misunderstandings. These applications limit this.

Is There A Need For This Kind Of Communication?


Quite simply, there are too few marriages that ended without any difficulties. Divorce itself leaves a bitter taste and an almost indelible mark, especially on children. Therefore, this way of re-establishing communication may be a good way to rebuild some bridges and overcome differences. For the sake of the children, if nothing else. In this way, divorced parents have everything they need to successfully manage that part of their life that still binds them together.

This is especially important for children. Besides, awkward situations and quarrels are avoided – especially when it comes to finances. The existence of such apps, allows us to approach problems in a steady and cool manner. Even if it’s not so – our moments of anger over potential provocations no one can see. Therefore it won’t cause any further problems. If the court or the Center for Social Work has insight into the arrangements, it usually compels the spouses to treat each other more responsibly.

Which Co-Parenting App To Choose?


Many couples are struggling with co-parenting.

Luckily, there’s a diversity of apps available to help such people. Depending on the needs of your family, you can find the one good for you. You can find apps that manage schedules, maintain vital records, track expenses, etc. All that and more from your computer or a smartphone.

You can choose between free or paid applications. We present you some of those…

Free Apps

Free apps may cost nothing, but it doesn’t mean they have a lack of quality. According to timtab.com, apps like Gmail, phone messaging and Google Calendar might be some of the most helpful ever.

  • Gmail


Gmail is always recommendable because it’s reliable and can be used on any device. Whether you use it on mobile, tablet or laptop, you can be sure it works properly. It also has almost unlimited cloud-based storage and is excellent in keeping records.

  • Text messaging


Text messaging apps come free with every cell phone. The advantage of this app for co-parenting is in its speed communication.

Texting allows co-parents to quickly exchange information. And since they are typing on a phone, the messages tend to be efficient.

  • Google Calendar


Regarding date and time is a major organizational issue, this app is more than useful for co-parenting. It helps you coordinate obligations with the other parent. Easily, by sharing your calendars. Both parents need to be aware of changeovers that may occur. That includes meetings and even period during holidays. This app is very effective since you can make your schedule and even add events to your application.

Paid Apps

  • Our Family Wizard

This useful application was even ordered by judges in several cases. It comes with a personal journal, calendar, expense tracker and message board. This app saves message records between co-parents. It also comes with an innovative feature called “ the tone meter”. This feature is optional. It helps keep communications civil and level-headed.

  • Custody X Change


This app was developed by legal professionals. It tracks the time that each parent spends with the child. This app also includes features like time-stamped journal entries and tracking expenses. It is designed to help co-parents to stick to their court-ordered custody plan.

  • Cozi

This is one of the most popular co-parenting apps. Cozi will provide a breakdown of your day. This app lets you share your calendars and custody schedules. But you can even share recipes, grocery lists, and other tasks.