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Antarctica Travel Cost: All You Need To know

by Nina Smith

The current state of affairs in the world has entirely affected people’s lives. Numerous sporting events were cancelled, notably the 2024 Tokyo Olympics in Japan. Countless countries have imposed entry restrictions for tourists. However, it is an exceptional opportunity to plan your future journey more diligently.

Do you like the idea of a trip to Antarctica? If you are fond of this proposal or have even already decided to have an adventure to the southernmost continent on our planet, then remember that it is extremely important to prepare for this travel industriously.

A journey to Antarctica is quite a pricey investment, yet it’s thoroughly worth all expenses.

Cost of a trip to Antarctica

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The price of a voyage is influenced by many significant factors, ranging from the time of booking and ending with an order of extra services. At the present time, the cost of a trip to the land of ice is usually at least $7.000 USD, and it rises depending on a variety of other important and not very obvious variables.

It is undeniable that high-season journeys are more expensive than off-season ones. In Antarctica, peak-season is about a 3 months period from mid-December to late February. This period is regarded as high season because of the best weather conditions and a rising demand due to Christmas vacation.

The beginning and the end of Antarctic summer relate to the so-called shoulder season, when prices are lower at most a quarter than in the course of the peak time. However, Antarctica during November and March is as incredible as in the high season period. Moreover, each month the continent treats its visitors with views and events that are unique only throughout that certain period.

Booking the trip in advance, (almost 1 year early) is more relevant than ever. It is not only because of a lower price but also to ensure you secure your preferred itinerary.

The costs of cruises are set and depend on how far your final destination is, how much staff is employed to look after the ship, simply fuel for running ice-strengthened machines that cannot be easily re-fueled due to remoteness of the area. To sum up, for the cruise alone you might pay from $7.000 USD to approximately $28.000 USD.

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If you decide to fly to Antarctica, the price will rise up to 20% compared to sailing. Another thing that you should know is that there is no schedule for air trips to Antarctica, and flight season coincides with high season for ships. Nevertheless, there is an event that can only occur travelling by plane – a flight to the South Pole. Unfortunately, there are much fewer departure dates available for the event, and the price ranges from $25.000 USD to $70.000 USD, yet the obtaining experience will be priceless.

There are some sets, which have no fixed prices, and all you can do is to contact the operator or the agent directly and negotiate the cost. In case you want to travel without strangers or you want to have an exclusive itinerary, there is a possibility to book private cruise trips that several ships like Ragnaryacht are offering. Nonetheless, the price will differ from standards’ because of the provided services.

Besides typical things that are included in the voyage price, like accommodation, excursions and guides, loan of some clothes’ items, sometimes meals; there is a possibility to order additional services that should be paid separately. For example, you have an opportunity to additionally purchase internet connection, souvenirs, kayaking or zodiac cruising or other activities and things according to everyone’s desired kind of comfort level.

Other expenses

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Even though travelling to the southernmost continent doesn’t require a visa, you will need to have your passport valid and to get a permit to board on a ship. The same goes for air trips to the continent.

However, you might need to go to another country in order to come to the place of departure, that’s why you should check entry information at the embassy. Visa cost is different in each country, you might get it free or you might spend up to several hundreds of dollars.

Antarctica is very cold, so you will need to buy some clothes and equipment especially for the voyage. However, there might be periods when the weather is warmer or when it is more severe. That’s why the best option would be to wear several layers of clothes, yet with the possibility to remove or to add them in accordance with weather conditions. Finally, must-haves for the trip are thermal socks, scarf, warm hat and waterproof boots. The price of clothes will vary depending whether you already have some of them or not. On average, it will cost around $1.000 – $1.500.

If you want to do camping, kayaking or other activities, you might also purchase the corresponding equipment in case you haven’t got them already. In order not to uselessly waste your budget, there’s a possibility to rent the necessary gear either from the cruise provider itself or somewhere else.

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During traveling, it is significantly important to take care of your own health, especially during the tough times of the pandemic. Before arriving at the departure point, you might need to come to other countries, so you should purchase travel insurance that covers those nations (typically around $100 – $300). Moreover, some cruise ships operators require out-of-country medical insurance.

A journey to Antarctica is not a cheap thrill, so it is reasonable to want to ensure that you are protected from most possible force majeure, like cancellation of a trip, travel delays, luggage safety and other variety of emergencies. Therefore, it would be nice to obtain Antarctic travel insurance, which will compensate for a certain amount of losses in case of unforeseen events. It will cost you additional $90 – $150 USD.

In addition, Antarctica is greatly remote, so you are definitely required to have emergency evacuation insurance. In total, you will need at least 3 kinds of insurance before being able to start the journey.

Finally, there is a possibility that you will need to stay at a hotel before the beginning of the trip and after you return from it, so remember to always have some extra money with you in case of your own financial emergency situations.