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Meet Ajdaguru – A Essential Figure In The Music Industry – 2024 Guide

by Victoria Boatright

The common belief is entrepreneurs have a mindset that is focused on seeing the possibilities rather than the obstacles coming their way. With that said, a leading name in the hip hop industry, Anthony James Sledge (who is popularly known as Ajdaguru), is proving to be a rarely gifted music mogul. The best parts of his career have been built with a complete entrepreneur mindset.

Ajdaguru is someone who is dependable and can handle a turn of events – whether it be recording, designing, or the general administration of music. Much like a movie director, he is liable for large things like studio creation, to minor things like the appropriate use of a soundboard and other instruments. Within his capacity, Anthony ensures that everything is lined up to provide an ideal result of music. Admittedly, there are various talents and roles that Ajdaguru is capable of.

AJ is able to take a look at where the Hip Hop industry is today, and where it will be in the near future. Of course, during the past few decades, the music industry has drastically changed. but he is able to keep up with these changes and to place himself and his partners in the perfect spot to take advantage.

He has proven to be a blend of a music mogul and music producer. He utilizes instruments to upgrade the nature of individual sounds and combines them to make an entirely new track. He has the skills to play with various effects and cleans up certain sounds and any errors that may reside. His numerous years of experience in the field improves and empowers music and can be provided to a number of genres.

AJ can create, orchestrate, master, and perform his own music. That is why he often refers to himself as an entrepreneur. With respect to technical expertise, he’s a recording artist that has what it takes to produce music. He composes a lot of music, adds instrumentations, as well as vocal impacts.

In any case, he uses the right techniques intended to specifically take care of business. He has the skills and broad knowledge in numerous aspects of the industry, including connecting independent artists, providing professional advice, and so forth. One of the endowments Ajdaguru has is motivating and strengthening upcoming artists, in an attempt to encourage them to zero in and focus on creating the best quality of music possible.

A Career Built From The Scratch And Ever Growing

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Anthony began composing music at just 12. By 14, he had already formed a rap group with his friends called CBC. Upon receiving positive feedback from his peers, he decided to take his craft seriously. After graduating from high school, AJ began to take his music to the next level and pursue it full time.

Though he had faced many financial and legal problems, he realized that music proved to be a healthy outlet for eradicating the stresses of life. AJ spent a great deal of time producing and composing new music, which led to a collaboration mixtape, Ism Churchill,  with Chicago rapper GLC. The project’s release pushed Ajdaguru further into the spotlight and opened doors for him to later produce for King Chip and Chevy Woods.

When asked why he loves music so much, Ajdaguru stated music is the only entity that stays with him when everything else is gone. As a child, his mother, Tywana, listened to music daily and encouraged him to do so as well. His love for music has been instilled for years and is part of the reason why he is so successful today. Regardless of the situation, he never let his emotions overpower his skills and intelligence.

Aside from producing, Ajdaguru set up major label meetings for new artists looking to break into the industry. He also launched two hip hop showcases, that allowed upcoming artists to take the stage and present their music. Reps from Roc Nation, Def Jam, and Atlantic Records served as judges. This garnered a lot of attention that led to publications and editorials honoring his work and accomplishments.

The Growth Of His Career

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The music business is evolving globally, and new names and voices are consistently making their way into the field. AJ is demonstrating himself to be the top cutting-edge music maker. He has  acquired skills in the field of advanced promoting specialists and business visionaries. This led to the launch of his Hip Hop blog, Inyaearhiphop.com.

As part of his musical journey, Anthony focused on viral brand activations, brand strategy, social media growth, and top of the line PR. With his efforts, he has shown the ability to push his clients to the forefront of the music industry. In addition, he has provided them with the tools to turn their dreams into reality.

Constantly committed to his love for music and his career, AJ managed to sit down for in-depth interviews with G Herbo and Lil Uzi Vert in 2016. Simultaneously, he shared a sequel to his Livestrumental series – Livestrumentals Vol. 2, which featured a guest appearance from frequent collaborator and mentor, GLC. Livestrumental Vol. 1 was originally released in 2015.

His recently delivered instrumental, Sledge Family Rules, allowed him to appear at no. 43 on the iTunes 200 charts in South Africa. Ajdaguru has been working his entire life to break into the industry and now, thanks to this single that charted, his career is ready to take off. Already, there are a lot of people who are starting to notice everything that he has to offer to the music industry.

Final Words

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Anthony James Sledge is an expert in the field and also has shown his unique knack for identifying hidden gems.  Year after year he has worked hard in an effort to stay on top of advances in the music business. His footwork never went unnoticed and has been highlighted by Complex, London Daily Post, and many other outlets. Even though he isn’t exactly sure how he wants to dedicate his time in the future, AJ is going to be in a position to enjoy his success. The industry has triggered him to excel as an entrepreneur, marketer, producer, and artist –  proving there’s nothing he can’t do. It will be exciting to see what happens next for him and the music artists he partners with.