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8 Advantages Of Using A Medical Staffing Agency

by Tracy Finke

As we enter the new decade, one of the biggest trends in employment industry over the last few years is the growth and prominence of from staffing agencies. Either short term or full time, staffing agencies are beneficial to many industries, but they are perhaps most beneficial to the health care industry in particular. Health care services often need to quickly fill needed vacancies for qualified workers, and often, they don’t have the time or resources to search thoroughly. With that in mind and here I will explain some reasons why medical employment agencies benefit both employers and job seekers.

When it comes to hiring new employees, you want to make sure you have access to a wide range of talented individuals, especially when it comes to jobs in the health care field. Searching for the perfect candidate yourself, confining you to a smaller local area full of candidates with similar talents and strengths. However, when you partner with a medical staff agency such as HealthCare Support, your reach suddenly extends further than you thought, giving you a wider variety of options. Here are three benefits to working with a staffing agency when recruiting in the health care field.

Here are 8 advantages of using a Medical staff agent that I have written below:

1. Proven Track Record of Expertise

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Nurses, doctors, and other medical staff often have to undergo rigorous inquiries and assessments before they are entered into the staffing agency database, but this does not mean that agency workers are better qualified than their non-agent counterparts, but it does mean that it is it is easy to judge whether a particular candidate is a good fit for your position.

2. Strategy for Entrance into a New Nursing Specialty

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Now you don’t have to worry about enriching your resume with a variety of specialized nursing work experiences? Working with a short lived Medical or Healthcare Staffing Agency can assist you to realize that and more.

To illustrate this benefit further, let’s talk about Nurse Stephanie, a replacement graduate RN who as a Licensed practical nurse worked primarily in Geriatrics Nursing and Long-Term Pediatric nursing all her Licensed Practical Nurse Career.

After nearly fifteen years of successful career in the specialty as a nurse. Stephanie obtained a registered nursing license. However, it was quite difficult for Stephanie to successfully get the desired placement due to the lack of some requirements that she couldn’t provide.

Stephanie applied through a medical staffing agency at a scionmedicalstaffing company and was hired as a temporary medical staff. In no time she was ready to land and start her career as a hospital nurse and rehabilitation RN. Currently, Stephanie is still pursuing her desire to get certified in palliative/hospital care and post-acute rehabilitation.

Your Healthcare Staffing agency is quite an employer, your recruiter is your free agent, take advantage of your staffing agency to increase the chances of your career success in Nursing

3. Access to Broad Network

An extensive network of staffing agencies that can provide employers with a variety of options to meet their needs. There are seasonal workers, part-time workers, and those who just want to fill temporary positions for people who won’t be available for various reasons. Having more options allows hospitals and medical practices to have more options that suit their needs and are better suited to their situation.

4. Ability to “Test” Employee Performance

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When hiring under normal circumstances, employers can rate their candidates based on what’s on the resume and the results of the interview process. However, working with a staffing agency gives hiring managers the opportunity to see potential employees in action before they are offered a permanent position. Using a staffing agency can provide a distinct advantage because employers can assess performance and observe how their prospective employees should be able to handle the environment and demands of the job. These workplace auditions help ensure that candidates are experienced and capable of the roles they will be filling and minimize risks to healthcare facilities.

5. Ability to Assess Potential Candidates

When you use all the services that medical staff agents can offer, you can view important details of each prospective employee’s work history. If you try the hiring process yourself, the only information you’ll get up front is what’s on their resume. When working with a corporation like HealthCare Support, you’ll see potential future employees during a way you could not if you used the normal interview and hiring process.

6. Top Talent

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While you can still choose which candidate you think is the best fit for the job you fill, when working with a staffing agency you don’t need to rule out less qualified workers. Since people looking for work through staffing agencies have to go through arduous assessments and questionnaires, the health care organizations looking to be hired can be sure that they see only the candidates with the best talent and the greatest potential for success.

7. Varied Experiences

Temporary Medical Staffing Agencies do provide staffing services for various healthcare facilities in several specialties like Acute Care Hospitals, Rehabilitation Facilities, Acute Rehab Hospitals, Pediatric Care Units, Long Term Care Facilities, Assisted Living and personal Care Homes.

With these various, multifaceted specialties served by healthcare staffing agencies, nurses can cash in of those opportunities to practice in any of those specialties. The availability and exposure to differing types of opportunities can, in fact, be utilized as a technique for entrance into a replacement area of nursing with little to no prior experiences.

8. Flexibility/ Self Scheduling/Open Scheduling

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Another advantage of working with a medical or healthcare staffing agency is flexibility in your schedule. You can plan to work the maximum amount as you’ll for a period, then take a protracted day off together with your family as required. Working with a staffing agency will allow you to plan, and manage some time effectively, without the need for a hard and fast work schedule. Do you value the independence and adaptability of scheduling your own time? The medical or healthcare staffing agency will allow you the posh to be creative in your work schedules. The opportunity to plan and schedule your self is rare in Healthcare, especially in nursing.