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9 Tips on How To Make Your House a Home

by Dangula Bingula

Do you ever look around your house and feel uneasy in it? There are many reasons for it. You can be sick of the furniture arrangement. Maybe the color of the walls is getting old. Or you may have too much stuff in your house.

One way to declutter a home is to throw away unnecessary things. This might be easier than it sounds as throwing away unwanted furniture is not so easy. I was lucky since my friend used to work at a junk removal company called Handy Rubbish and helped get a good deal.


But for all of you who are not so lucky, here are some tips that you can use to make your house a home.

Add Indoor Greenery

One of the first and best things that you can do is add some greenery in your home. Whether it is flowers or some potted plants, it will liven the interior and make it look fresh. There is no better way of lightening up the mood and making your home seem natural that with some greenery.


Keep Your Memories

One of the best ways to decorate your house and preserve your memories as the way is to display your keepsakes. Decorate the cupboards in your home with your favorite personal items. Use your favorite books, gifts from friends or stuff that you bought on your holiday. It will give your house more personality.

Declutter Your Home

Too many things do not equal happiness. This is specific for a person’s home. If you just keep bringing new stuff inside it will make your home seem unwelcoming. You will not feel at ease sitting it in. So make sure that you declutter your home and throw away all the unnecessary items. Once you do it you will see how important it actually is.


Ventilating Is Important

Living in a big city is not fun, especially when it comes to air pollution. The biggest flaw of our expanding society is that air quality is getting lower. When it comes to our homes, no matter what the air quality outside is it is better than inside. Make sure that you regularly ventilate your house and open the windows from time to time to exchange the air.

Mirrors On The Wall

Mirrors inside your home can really lighten the mood. Especially if you put large mirrors. They can open up the place and make it seem bigger and more present. Furthermore, while it reflects light it will make your house a lot brighter and happier.


Designate Activity Areas

Arrange your home based on its designated activity. Meaning, carefully determine and differentiate between work zones, fun zones, guest zones and so forth. It will organize your home much better and you will feel a certain flow when you venture from one activity to the other. Work is work and fun is fun and as you have different parts of the house for it you will be much more centered.

Make Your Bathroom Fancier

Whether you are having guests over or not, you can stylize your bathroom and make it fancier. One of the things that you can do regularly is to use fancy soap and hand wash. The bathroom will smell better and be much more pleasant.


Make The Couch Comfier

Your home can look much better with a comfier couch. To make it so you can add new, bigger, more comfortable cushions. You can also add different and colorful throws to add to the look. All in all, the couch will not only be comfier and more pleasant to sit in but it will also add to the overall look of your house.


Give More Personality To Unpopular Places

The parts of your home where you don’t spend so much time also require attention. If you decorate parts of your house like the hallway or entry points with some added furniture and decorations it will make your home much happier. Think of adding some pictures or stylized hook hangers, that always works. As stated by KitchenHome most people judge the feel of a house in the first few seconds, so adding character and a homely feel can make for the start of a good experience for your guests.