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8 Tips to Staying Warm on a Cold Weather Camping Trip – 2024 Guide

by Dangula Bingula

Camping is so much fun and despite the cold and the harsh conditions that we encounter from time to time, it still beats any other form of getaway. Spending time in nature will help you clear your mind and let go of all the negative emotions and stress. However, packing all the things you will need is essential for a good camping trip, otherwise, you will regret even thinking about going. We want you to fully enjoy it, so keep reading the tips we prepared for you or visit here.

1. Dress in layers


When the weather conditions change quickly, it is necessary to be able to remove one layer if it’s too warm for you or to add another layer when it’s cold. The moment you notice that the temperature started dropping, add another layer of clothes. If you wait until you start feeling cold, it may be more difficult to warm up.

2. Pack the right clothes

Thermals should be on your list without a doubt. Even though you may think that you don’t need it, you will be thanking yourself later. Lately, there are wonderful heated vests that will help you stay warm during camping. Visit Temperaturesensei.com for more information. They have batteries, so you can enjoy the warmth for a longer time. Socks, warm underwear, a hat, even gloves should be in your backpack ready in case you need to wear something else on top of what you have on.

3. Bring a hot water bottle with you


You may think that a hot water bottle is reserved just for the winter, but the temperatures in April or May might surprise you as well. Remember, going on a camping trip means that you will be far away from the city, so different rules apply. Since there are no houses, buildings, and people, there is nothing to tame the wind, so you may start feeling cold much sooner than you would at home. The hot water bottle will help you warm up fast and you can go here for a good selection of camping coffee mugs. Of course, it would be good to pack a little portable stove and a kettle, so you can boil some water.

4. Don’t go to sleep when you’re cold


Going to sleep when you’re cold may be the worst thing you can do. You will wake up freezing cold, stiff and probably on your way to getting sick pretty soon. Deal with the problem before you go to bed. You can do a few exercises to improve your circulation, add a layer of clothes and drink tea. Hot liquids will help you increase your body’s temperature pretty quickly. This way, when you go to sleep, the sleeping bag will help you stay warm.

5. Choose a sleeping bag carefully


With so many sleeping bags on the market, you may end up being confused about the type you should choose. Make sure your prime concern is quality and heat retention. The sleeping bag you should choose should be thick enough to keep you warm at night. If you want additional heat, you can add a hot water bottle before you go to sleep. It will keep you warm and fuzzy and add up the comfort to your camping trip in general. Being warm at night will help you feel rested in the morning so you can enjoy the trip and explore the surroundings.

6. Think about investing in disposable heat packs


Heat packs can be found in many sizes and can be a great way to stay warm. They are not too pricey and they are pretty easy to use. The only thing you need to do is to shake it and to leave it for a while until the reaction is initiated.

Then you can put them inside the pockets or boots to keep yourself warm. If you don’t need it for a while, just squeeze the air out and that will slow down the reaction because these heat packs need air to work. Make sure you keep them dry, otherwise you would soon be left without the source of warmth.

7. Choose the tent carefully


Choose the size of the tent depending on the number of people that will be in it. Remember, there is no need to have too much space, because the less space there is, the bigger the chance that everyone will stay warm. Minimize heat loss and think about adding extra layers on the floor to preserve the warmth and increase comfort.

The three-season tent should be your choice because it is perfect for any weather conditions, except for the winter. Besides being lightweight, the ventilation is great and these tents are also water-proof, so even if it starts to rain, you will stay dry. Besides that, it is also very important that it can be set up easily.

8. Bring lots of blankets with you


There is no such thing as too many blankets. It is always better to carry lots of it with you, especially if you are taking kids to the camping trip. Make sure you have plenty, so you can easily add as much as necessary. Thermal blankets can literally save the day (or the night) because having cranky, shivering kids can only add up the stress and the tension. Comfort is the number one priority to have when taking your family on a camping trip. Besides providing warmth, they are also perfect as a pillow or as an extra layer underneath.

These were the main tips that will help you stay warm. Before you go, make sure you create a list of all the things that you may need while you are away. Tea, kettle, matches, food and all the little things are essential for having a fun trip. Eating healthy shouldn’t be forgotten, so bring healthy snacks and energy bars that can help you to regain strength quickly, but also help you to stay warm. Food is our main source of energy, so it should be high on your priority list.