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5 Reasons Why Sailing Is The Best On The Adriatic Sea

by Edvard Berlusconi

Special moments cannot be created if you simply stay at your hotel or sunbathe on the beach. You might have noticed that sailing is no longer a hobby only for the elite. Nowadays, sailing vacations are becoming increasingly popular for tourists with families and they are gaining more demand than a regular stay.

There is a wide range of reasons why sailing is attracting a lot of people from all over the world. It is perhaps the only holiday that implements things such as the beauty of the country’s mainland, the crystal clear waters, and the ability to cruise through breathtaking coastal cities, bays, and islands. In this article, you will be able to read about the 5 reasons for sailing on the Adriatic Sea. Let’s take a look:

Complete freedom to Explore


When you are sailing on crystal clear waters, you can get in touch with your inner child and start to explore your surroundings. You are not limited to deadlines, tour guides, and a boring resort. Each day you spend sailing will be a new adventure since the opportunities with open water are endless. It will give you an experience that you cannot get while in your apartment. You will be able to visit hidden beaches and bays, sail to a new harbor, explore the mainland, and find new bays and coves every day.

Enjoy special views every day


Croatia is a beautiful country, however, exploring the Adriatic coast will allow you to see some of the most beautiful views and you will be able to experience Croatia in an entirely different way. When sailing along the coast of Croatia, do not forget to explore both new towns and beaches every day. You will be able to spend each day on a different beach and every night at a different location.

Most private and comfortable way of traveling


What do you think is better: spending your days at a new location every day, swimming into the Adriatic sea and sunbathing on your boat deck or carrying your bags, renting a car, and spending your time at the same beach every day? According to the experts from a boat renting company Gulet Broker Yachting, sailing on a yacht will give you, your family members, or friends the ultimate privacy. You will not have to be at crowded beaches and hotels, and you will find the perfect place where you and your family can be alone and enjoy the lovely Adriatic sea.

Get more options for your money

When you first heard sailing, you probably thought “expensive”. However, that is not true. One of the reasons why 20 million people rented boats last year is that they are affordable. Your accommodation, drinks, food, and entertainment are all taken care of, there are no hidden costs, and you will not have to follow tour guides or be at crowded beaches and hotels.

Croatia as the destination


When it comes to choosing a destination, it is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do. The Adriatic coast of Croatia is often referred to as “The Coast of A Thousand Islands” and for many people, it is their favorite holiday destination. Croatia is also called the “new Riviera”, “new Greece”, and “new Tuscany” and its characteristics are more timeless than they are trendsetting. If you choose Croatia as your new destination, you will be able to visit a few islands in a short period of time.


With its crystal clear waters and its beautiful beaches, you will be able to spend the most wonderful moments in your life while sailing on the Adriatic sea. With all these benefits, sailing in Croatia is an excellent experience and you will definitely experience some of the unforgettable moments in your life.