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YouTube: How To Make Successful Videos

by Sinke Car

YouTube has become in a few years a platform with very high quality content. If we always find videos of cats here and there, the videos shared online are the result of a successful work done by enthusiasts on a wide variety of topics.

Brands are not left behind, since YouTube is a platform that speaks to everyone. Whether you’re just curious with a vague idea of ​​video behind the head, beginner or connoisseur, independent, individual or marketing professional, discover 5 professional tips to create, share and optimize your future videos on YouTube.

1. Keep up the pace:


Faced with the profusion of videos that come out every day, your discoverability potential is unfortunately very low. To have a chance to cross the first circles of your friends, families, colleagues or employees, a quality and regulatory approach is essential. Ideally, you need to publish a new video at least once a week to get started. Two to three times a week would be ideal for Google’s algorithm to work in your favor. To find out more about this check videoconverter.wondershare.com.

2. Work on your hook:

A video must be organized as a story, with a catch phrase, an introduction, a main content and a conclusion. The catch is the most important, because it will inspire the curiosity of your audience. It must be brief, clear, possibly intriguing and especially recurrent. If you are in decoration, you can show a piece before / after version. In beauty, the final result before the hairstyle, makeup or makeover session. In any case, you will have to answer a simple question: how to hang your audience in less than fifteen seconds to encourage them to watch your video in its entirety?

3. Create a Short Generic:


Forget the credits of 30 or 40 seconds! As beautiful as it is, what interests your community is not your credits, but your content. Especially if your videos are interesting, the credits will quickly become repetitive for those who will watch them at the chain. The rule to follow is clear: your hook and your credits should not be more than 10% of the total duration of your video. On a video of 3 minutes, it is therefore 18 seconds for these two parts. For a video of 12 minutes, it is maximum 1 minute and 12 seconds. The best practice is to create a generic type that you can customize, extend or shorten in your editing software depending on the content of your video.

4. Optimize your end screen:

If you are lucky that your viewers have stayed until the end of your video, it’s time to enjoy it. Take the opportunity to promote the subscription to your channel, sharing, the famous “thumb up” and display your latest videos or those likely to interest them. If you plan to share it through various channels, you might need to change your video format to a more popular format.

These conclusion screens typically last 20 seconds, during which time you can make your community more engaged. A successful end screen works and is prepared accordingly: if you continue to talk while “call to actions” appear on the screen, you will prefer interaction and engagement. So you have to be in the right place and know in advance what messages are to be sent and what incentives will be displayed.

5. Do not overlook thumbnails:


These are the images that illustrate your video when it appears on YouTube. In a few seconds, a thumbnail can make you want to watch the video or not. This is a determining factor that must be treated. This is even more important when your creative appears in videos suggested by the algorithm of Google. The care taken in your vignette is then your online business card.

YouTube recommends a size of 1280 x 720 pixels for your thumbnails, but no one will see them as big, especially on mobile. So make sure they are very readable when you reduce the size of your image to 50% or 25%. Limit the text to 5 or 6 words maximum and do not overload the visuals under pain of having a rendering rough and illegible.

Regardless of the platform, video is also the media that always generates the highest engagement rates. Going on YouTube to share your passion, work your personal brand or promote your products and services is therefore a must in an ultra-competitive mutagen universe. Ready to start?