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All You Need to Know About YouTube and its Alternatives

by Nina Smith

If a few days ago we explained to you in this article how to be able to play YouTube in the background on your computer, now I am going to talk about YouTube mod, an Android application to have this and other functions of the premium version completely free of charge.

This free application will allow you to have all the functions of YouTube Premium at no cost

YouTube is the Google application most used by a large number of users, including myself, and it is really annoying to endure advertising and not being able to play videos in the background.

That is why today I come to talk about an application for Android through which you can enjoy all the premium functions of YouTube for free.

YouTube Vanced.pro is an application with the same design as the official Google application that also allows us to link our Google account so as not to lose subscriptions or history.

Every famous application worth its salt has a legion of developers who create modified versions of it. The main objective is to get a series of extra or added functions that are not in the official version. We have seen it many times in mods for WhatsApp or Telegram. Today we are going to show you a YouTube alternatives that adds a good handful of functions.
Whenever we install a mod of some famous application we will have to take into account several aspects. In the first place, they are not usually available in the official bazaars of apps like Google Play, so you have to install the “apk” from an external server, so we will have to activate the installation from “unknown sources” in the settings of our Android.

Start enjoying YouTube without ads and with background playback

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Once the YouTube mod application is installed, we open it and our Google account with all subscriptions and YouTube history appears.

To activate the playback in the background, once the video has started, we just exit the application and it will continue to play through our Android terminal.

Did you already know this application to have YouTube Premium functions at no cost?

If you did not know it and you try it, we thank you for leaving us your impressions in the comments of this post.

Extra features of Alternatives

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There are many Youtube mods that offers many features, some of them are only available to Youtube Premium users. This app is capable of forcing playback in HDR. In addition, when the videos are being watched, we can pinch on the screen to zoom. The application has three themes to choose from, including a Dark Mode, which has also been available in the official app for a long time.

Another interesting feature of Youtube mod is that it allows you to choose a default resolution for the videos, something that many users will appreciate by not having to touch the settings by hand. It includes the possibility to choose between an older or current video window model, and integrates sliders for the volume and brightness of the videos.

In order to install YouTube mod and apks we must do it from the official link of the project, and not from any repository or different website, since modified versions that are not safe may circulate. You can also access the two apks that you will have to install. The first is the application, however “MicroG” is not required within this mod application. After installing the application and knowing that you will take a walk on YouTube, do not forget to visit our official channel to keep up to date with everything that is going on in the smartphone universe.

The Advanced Youtube Apps

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The name of the app is a kind of pun, and it is a’advanced’ app than a genuine YouTube app, but there is no’ad’ aimed at ambiguous expression. When you log in, you can log in just like the existing YouTube. There is an option called HUAWEI, which seems to be a setting for Huawei smartphone users without Google services.

YouTube’s advertising policy is leading to poor quality ads, and mod users are increasing. The antipathy towards advertisements for companies such as mass-production games and space markets also played a part. It is used as a way to view YouTube by Chinese smartphone users who cannot use the Google app after a trade dispute.

It is almost the same as YouTube Premium, but it does not support only offline download function. He said he has no plans to apply in the future. As there is no download server, you may think that it is inevitable, but the other YouTube client, NewPipe, is fully supported, so it seems that the development team has no intention of supporting it.

YouTube channel as an extension of your site

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If a video is shown during a search, so-called related videos will also be displayed during playback. If you are good at the topic with your video material you will be shown faster, and if you also show the videos within your site and you generate a lot of views there, you will get into the “related videos” faster because popularity also matters on YouTube.

Smart affordable applications

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In short, enough reasons to want to use YouTube. Incidentally, it is a common mistake to make an informative YouTube video at high cost. That is not always necessary. YouTube is not TV, people search and look differently. A semiprofessional movie or even handycam work can be enough. And that, in combination with advertising, you can also approach people who belong to your target group very specifically. For example, you can prevent your commercial for the latest stop ties from being shown to children, who are unlikely to buy them anyway. And in the period before Father’s Day you can target all women in the vicinity of your store branch who fall within a certain age. Handy, right?