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Working From The Office Is Better

by Nina Smith

Many People Say ‘The End Is Nigh For Working From The Office’ and that homeworking is the way forward.

So we decided to take a look at the main benefits for your business continuing in an Office Environment with the help of The Search Equation ( https://www.thesearchequation.com/)

We spoke with Digital Agency The Search Equation on why they think the office environment is still very much needed and despite working from has it’s benefits (some companies have reported an upturn in productivity) the office is still a much needed environment for any business

Separate Lives

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The office separates our home life from our working life, it gets us out of the house, gives us routine and builds that much needed barrier between working life and home life. When the office closes for the day, you can leave the working world behind until the next day, switch off and relax with the thought that tomorrow is another day to deal with anything work related.

Remote working, can give way to added pressures and a more unbalanced work and home life with the lap top in easy reach, the daily routine more or less out of the window and the thought that any work that normally could be left until the next day can be dealt with as the laptops there after all and an extra 5 minutes won’t hurt. The inability to disconnect from work is amplified by working from home, but please don’t get us wrong some people can switch off from work when the working day is over if they are working from home but the temptation to increase the working day is there and burnout can come quicker


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Now we all know that the office is not just about socialising as you there to work after all but as human beings we are social creatures, we like to chat, have a laugh, have a moan, have others to talk to about work issues, home issues, any issues or just to discuss last night’s Eastenders or footie match. The emphasis of teamwork and team spirit is amplified in the office, camaraderie and all for one and one for all and knowing that someone is there to help you with work issues or problems. We thrive on human connection and the current pandemic will help us appreciate the office environment even more. Many people make their lifelong friends through working in an office.  You may not necessarily get along with everyone but the office environment does force you to talk to people you may not normally do and build working and professional relationships with them.

The attraction of working from home like the not needing to get up at the crack of dawn, no miserable commute packed like sardines in a train, less money being spent,  being able work in your underwear if you want or the clothes you were born in has it’s appeal but the loneliness of not having a colleague to talk to or share a work issue with can bring you down. When Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts become the only human contact apart from those you share a home with or support bubble will take it’s toll.

Loneliness and boredom will kick in. The effect on people’s wellbeing and mental health is increased by restrictions on working from home and lockdowns. More than two-thirds of adults in the UK (69%) report feeling somewhat or very worried about the effect COVID-19 is having on their life. The most common issues affecting wellbeing are worry about the future (63%), feeling stressed or anxious (56%) and feeling bored (49%) (source: The Health Foundation)


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Working form an office increases motivation as let’s face it you there to work and working with others can have a more positive effect on productivity. Having the support and network of colleagues can inspire and spur employees on. Communication, recognising achievements and the physical pat on the back all reasons as to why the office can be a better motivational environment for employees.

Working form home there are multitude of distractions and some people will find it hard to get motivated, to get up and get on with the working day. Without that network of colleagues this can have an adverse effect on productivity as well as mental health and well being.

When Things At Work Go Wrong

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If there is a work crisis or something that needs your manager or colleague to take a look at and you’re tearing you’re tearing your hair out, at work you can just simply leave your desk and pop round to their desk and ask them for advice or show them what you’re having issues with. At home it’s not that easy. You may rely on email and having to wait for that email to be answered, you may be lucky and it’s answered straight away or you may be waiting hours or until the next day, leaving you in a state of limbo especially if you can’t carry on working until the issue is resolved. This can ultimately cut into working hours and increase them as well as leave you literally banging your head against the wall.

In An Office You Are Guaranteed Certain Working Standards

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Not all jobs are suitable for homeworking and this does include some office jobs which need the certain standards decreed by law. Basically simple things like suitable equipment to carry out your tasks, health and safety, seating positions, monitor heigh and even room temperature and many more legislations that are in place to make the office a safe and healthier environment.

Whilst in the comfort of your home this all basically goes to pot as you are fully expected to arrange this all yourself without the helpful HR team on hand to help and not everyone can afford that office from home office set up. So any issues with your home office set up is yours and yours alone. To be fair some companies do offer help with working from home and can supply some of the equipment you may require to make working from home that more comfortable.