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Travelling with Food Allergies: 5 Life-Saving Tips

by Elsa Stringer

If you suffer from gluten, peanut, lactose, soy, or other food allergies, traveling can be both annoying and frightening experience. Leaving home might not sound like a great idea if you have a food allergy. But what if we tell you that there are several life-saving tips which will make traveling with food allergies an absolute breeze? Keep reading to learn how to have a safe and enjoyable journey besides your allergies.


Keep the People Around You Informed

You should always speak up about your food allergies, especially to the people around you. So, this will help you avoid potentially dangerous and difficult situations. For instance, before your trip, make sure you reach out to the airline and inform them about your allergy. They will keep this in mind and probably remove all possible dangers. Moreover, this tip can also be applied in restaurants and hotels where you should definitely share your needs and concerns.


Learn a New Language Before Travelling

Traveling with a food allergy can be a real struggle if you don’t speak the language of the country. Not knowing the language can make your travels with food allergies a nightmare. However, not always will be able to learn a new language. So, it’s best if you travel with allergy translation cards. You can either buy these cards or make them on your own. The cards should contain all the ingredients which can put you in danger. Thus, when in a restaurant, simply hand in the card to the server.


Always Take Your Allergy Medicine

Taking allergy medicine is probably the most important tip, even if your allergy isn’t that severe. Never leave your house without medicine, but when traveling, make sure you carry it legally. You can’t buy allergy medicine everywhere you go, so it’s best if you take some with you. Pack some medicines in your carry-on. However, always learn about the destination’s rules and regulations to avoid difficulties when going through customs.


Bring Your Own Snacks

This is an exceptional tip because you will never be hungry wherever you go. Bringing your own snacks will keep you away from the dangers and keep you safe. Snacks can be very handy, especially when going to a country which doesn’t label products or when your flight is delayed. When you’re in a situation with nothing safe to eat, your emergency stash will come in useful. Some of the best foods which are carry-on safe are nonperishable snacks, including low-sodium powdered soups, powdered protein shakes, nuts, crunchy vegetables, and dried fruits.


Always Book a Room with a Kitchen

The place where you’re going to stay, whether you opt for hotels or Airbnb, has to have a kitchen. This is extremely important as you will have a place to prepare your own food. Having access to a kitchen will give you a liberty to cook for yourself. Moreover, it will come in handy and help you have a hassle-free travel. The stress of not being able to find allergy-safe food to eat will no longer be an issue. Likewise, when going to the supermarket to shop for ingredients, always take the allergy translation cards. Not every place where you travel to has labels on their products.


We hope that these allergy-friendly tips will help you enjoy a lifetime of travel.