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Track Child’s Online Activities with Mobile Spy App

by Sinke Car

Children in the modern age are more tech-savvy than their parents because they own contemporary cell phone devices of android in particular. Therefore, kids having phone alongside internet access can do things you cannot even imagine.

They are living in a hyper-sexualized world from where they are harboring sexual fantasies on their android phone. Furthermore, young kids and teens spending too much time on cell phone screen using social media apps and instant messengers.


They do text messages, text conversations, audio-video conversations, shared photos, videos, and Voice messages. Therefore, all these sorts of activities regularly increase the screen time of kids. Therefore, parents are very concerned about the online safety of kids and teens and on the other hand cyber bullying, stalking and online shaming on the rise.

So, parents have to look after their children online activities whatsoever. On the other hand, you have to Mobile spy app one way or another to prevent children’s online activities that could harm them online.

Install Mobile spy app to Track a child’s online activities

If you want to track cell phone of your kids and you want to keep an eye on their all activities, they perform on device connected to the internet. So, you need to use android spy app to get the job done. However, you need to get your hands-on phone tracking software visiting the official webpage of TheOneSpy android tracking software.  Now you need to do the following steps to get the phone surveillance app and further install it on the targeted device.


Step1: Use phone surveillance software for android

Subscribe for cell phone surveillance app once you have found the webpage and further make a check on your email. Now you will be able to get pass code and ID through an email.

Step2: Get Physical access to the targeted device

Now you need to have possession of the device and start the installation process. When you have completed the process of installation then activate it on the targeted device. However, before you go for the process of installation you will see pop –up on target screen. Now you need to use it and you will be able to hide the cell phone spy app on the targeted device.

Step3: Use Credentials & get access to the web portal

Use the credentials that you have got at the time of subscription and further get access to the dashboard of Mobile spying app. Now you can visit the tools that enable the user to track a child’s online activities on android and tablet.

Use Android Monitoring App tools

Surround Monitoring

The spy app user can listen to target device surround and record voice conversations via Mic bugging. Moreover, camera spying can help the user to control targeted mobile camera and remotely take photos, and videos.


IM’s logs without rooting

The end-user can get ingress to the target phone installed social media apps and instant messengers. So, user can get logs of all the major social media platforms in terms of text messages, text conversations, shared photos, videos, audio-video conversations, and voice messages.

Live screen recorder

You can remotely perform live screen recording on Mobile by using live screen recorder software. It enables a user to record short back to back videos of the screen in real-time. Further, user can get access to all live recorded videos having access to an electronic web portal. User can record short videos of the screen such as live chrome screen recording, SMS, email, YouTube, social media and applied digits and pattern passwords.

Browsing activities

Now you can monitor all the visited websites and apps, and the further you can see the bookmarks on gadget using phone surveillance app.

Text messages spy

User can remotely read Mobile sent received text messages with text messages monitoring software and further you can get to know about SMS, MMS and heads up notifications.

GPS location tracking

User can get to know the real-time GPS location of Mobile and further let you know the location history of the Mobile device using GPS location history tracker app. However, the user can mark safe and restricted areas for Mobile on the web.


Parents can track child’s activities on the phone to the fullest using cell phone spying software.