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Top 10 science careers in 2024

by Edvard Berlusconi

Most people think that the top science careers are for people who have advanced degrees. Indeed, people who have a Ph.D. or a Master of Science degree, find that jobs in research and management are more available to them. However, sometimes, four years of college is all you need to land a high-paying career in the vast science field. In this article, you will be able to read about the best science careers in 2024. Let’s take a look:

1. Natural sciences manager – $140K

Natural sciences managers coordinate scientific research and development projects. They set objectives, establish budgets, and direct the work of other researchers and developers. They are also in charge of keeping the lab stocked, oversee productions tasks, and review results. When it comes to earning potential, this is one of the best jobs in the science field, which puts natural sciences related majors such as biology, chemistry, etc, at the top of any list of high paying college majors.

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2. Physicist – $125K

When people think about science, this job is the first one that usually comes to people’s minds. Their goal is to understand the workings of the natural world. They conduct research and create theories about the basic principles governing the connection between matter and energy.

3. Pharmacist – $124K

According to the experts from Mallory Career Guide, teaching people about the potential side effects of a medicine and dispensing medication is one of the best-paid jobs that use science. Most pharmacists work in local pharmacies, however, some work in clinics and hospitals. While others are doing pharmaceutical research. To find out all you need about this topic check AlfaKapos.

4. Chemical Engineer – $114K

Do you want to use the power of chemistry to solve problems? Chemical engineers create manufacturing processes and equipment that turns chemicals into commercial products. They are involved in creating almost anything and everything, from fuel and food to pharmaceuticals and plastics, they are often employed at research laboratories, processing plants, and gas and oil refineries.

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5. Astronomer – $111K

Focusing on the unknown parts of space can come with a good paycheck. Astronomers want to understand how the planets, stars, and galaxies form. The main tools that they use are a powerful telescope and satellites to observe space and make predictions about the future of our universe.

6. Materials Scientist – $102K

By using their knowledge of physics, chemistry, and biology, these scientists analyze the structure, properties, and performance of different materials to adapt them for specific uses. They research how processing changes each material and how materials can be combined to create a product with specific features.

7. Pharmacologist – $97K

How does medication affect human organs, tissues, and cells? That is the main question these scientists are trying to answer. They study properties, effects, and uses of different medicine and while pharmacists are usually involved in patient care, pharmacologists usually work in a lab.

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8. Medical Research Scientist – $96K

These scientists are working on new ways to improve human health. They study the causes of different illnesses and they try to create methods of preventing and treating such problems. This area of science is in-demand.

9. Meteorologist – $96K

Researching atmospheric occurrences in order to make predictions about climate and weather conditions is one of the best-paying jobs in the science field. Jobs for meteorologists are available at utility companies, broadcasters, and agricultural organizations.

10. Geophysicist – $92K

These scientists focus on the physical features and structure of the earth. They study Earth’s shape, its gravitational and magnetic fields, and its interior structure. They may focus on finding oil and mineral reserves and they can also determine what the best location for a power plant is.


These are 10 out of hundreds of career opportunities in the science field. So, if you are looking for a career in the science world, do not waste any more time and start thinking about a career that you would like to choose.