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Things That Are Easy To Forget When You Move House

by Tracy Finke

Moving your house can be a very shambolic experience, so it is possible to forget some things. However, pre-planning can help with remembering everything. How to organize your home removal to be sure you took all your belongings?

How to remember about your goods

First and foremost, it is a good idea to list out your pieces of furniture, decorations etc. and sort them into categories, e.g. plants, paintings, chairs and so on. By doing that, after unpacking you can tick the list when you see an item from the list.

It helps you to remember how many particular items you have had before the removal and how many are thereafter. You will immediately know what is missing. But how do make sure nothing is missing? The answer is simple – packing. Companies offer many services, among which you can find a man and van, which includes packing, loading, unloading and finally unpacking.

By using man & van services, you can be sure that all your goods will be packed with proper care and delivered to your new home. We are fully aware of how chaotic and stressful house removal can be and because of that, we are here for you to help.

Goods that are easy to leave behind

Surely the smallest belongings are the ones that are mostly forgotten during house removals, i.e. clothes, cutlery, dishes, petite plants or toys. Bigger items, such as pieces of furniture or fair-sized decorations, such as carpets, lamps, etc. are almost impossible to be left behind.

Moreover, what is mostly forgotten while house removal, are the things kept in drawers and cabinets. They are hidden from sight so that it is difficult to see that they weren’t packed. However, when you are using a man and van service from a company that has experienced packing staff, you don’t have to worry about packing.

Man and van services help you in many steps of moving your house or office. It is worth confiding your priceless belongings to a professional moving company so that you can do without stress.

Where are my keys?

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While moving, packing essential articles such as furniture, household appliances or our personal records is a typical chore so not that easy to forget. However, the most prominent issue may be remembering sets of keys that all have different allocations.

In such a serious situation like moving house, we must have them all organized properly. Make sure that they are diversified by a color sticker or a specific chain – ask the man and van, they should have such things in their equipment.

Additionally, you can have them packed separately, according to the house that they belong to – it will come in handy. Even though the task is quite simple, you will see that after a few days of packing, the last thing you would like to do is worry about duplicating the keys. Hold onto them and if you cannot, ask your services to help you.


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In all the moving rush, there is a high chance that we will forget about packing our medication. You may think it is not an issue because there is a lot of pharmacies near your new house area that you can pick them up from, but it is a huge loss of money.

And trust us, you will need all the finances you can get in this new period. Consult with your moving service, surely they will lend you a set of boxes that you can pack the essentials into. Do not go overboard! Check the data of every medicine, if there are some out of date, utilize them. Take only the ones that are valid and make sure to have them stored properly.

Greenery can be tricky

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In the case of plants, you have to be very careful. If you have got a bunch of them, take only those that will best fit your new interior. Does the new house have small yardage? There is no need to take them all. Give away the ones taking much space to your friends and family – we guarantee they will appreciate the gesture.

As for the plants that you decide to take with you, protect them properly. The foil will be the most secure item that your man and van service can provide you with. If you are unsure about the conditions that the plants have to be moved in, check on the Internet or ask experts – most of them are very easy to transport but the exotic ones may cause you some trouble.

Man and Van

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When deciding to use a man with van service, you make sure that the house removal will go smoothly, without any obstacles, such as leaving some of your stuff behind. Moreover, you also don’t have to worry about the whole packing, transporting or unpacking process.

By entrusting house removal to experts, you can make moving a better experience. It is always a huge excitement when you move your home, as it is connected with kind of a new, fresh start. However, the part before the start may be pretty stressful and annoying. One of the most stressful factors is the thought of forgetting something during the removal.

It is obvious that you want to have everything you own in your new home. Leaving something behind may cause even worse stress and derail the first moments of living in your new place. To prevent this situation from happening, it is highly recommended to use a man and van services and let the professional team handle the packing.

They will make sure nothing is left behind and, what is more, they will pack everything with proper care so that it doesn’t get destroyed or broken during transportation. Friendly Moves Limited is one of the best man with man west London services providers, so if you are looking for a company to move your house around London or even internationally, you have hit home. Enjoy the thought of moving to a new place, instead of worrying about packing.