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The Top Entry-Level Digital Marketing Jobs in 2024

by Jajce d Muckic

Thanks to the innovation and rapid development of technology, digital marketing has become the top form of marketing today. If you are thinking about having a career in this field, you might be making the right choice, since there is an abundance of jobs in the industry and it is easier than ever to make a successful career out of it.

However, if you are still debating whether it would be the right choice for you, here is everything you need to know about digital marketing and the best entry-level jobs you can find in 2024.

What is digital marketing?


Just like any other form of marketing, it is used for promoting, advertising, and selling products and services, with the only difference being that it is done using the internet and digital devices, like smartphones and computers. Instead of using billboards and subway ads to attract potential consumers, digital marketing utilizes emails, social media sites, blog posts, internet ads, and more for gaining customers.

Why get into digital marketing?


Working in this field has numerous advantages such as great employment outlook, high job-satisfaction rates, and great pay. It is also great for working remotely and is creatively fulfilling, although it might drain your creativity at times as well and you might have to work with clients that can be very demanding.

The industry is also constantly evolving, so you will have to keep up with changes and continue upgrading your knowledge. However, services such as Delhi Courses, constantly offer quality lessons that you can utilize to help you gain more knowledge and skill, and they provide certifications which are perfect for people who are just getting into the industry.

What are some of the best entry-level jobs?

1. Social media specialist


These specialists have the task of running and managing a company’s social media accounts, including all posts and replies. They are capable of generating engagement through written posts and are aware of the best times to share them. They are also responsible for creating visual content and measuring performance metrics.

Some skills that are required for this position include having vast knowledge of several social platforms, tools, and paid social media marketing. Good analytical and copywriting skills are needed as well.

2. Content writer


This job entails writing marketing content such as articles, blogs, website pages, and product descriptions. This is probably the easiest entry-level job to have, but still requires a certain amount of skill.

A great content writer should create quality content that is engaging and should have skills that include: knowledge on how to write for online audiences, a good understanding of SEO writing practices, great research skills, and the ability to write concisely and clearly.

3. Content strategist

They oversee all content creation and are responsible for a variety of tasks like planning and executing a marketing strategy, improving content delivery and promotion, managing a content creation team among many others.

Leadership and communication skills are important for this position, as well as writing, analytical, and organizational skill, and broad knowledge of content marketing.

4. PPC specialist


This is a perfect job for someone who knows how to make and implement pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. A PPC specialist creates landing pages, designs and executes paid ad campaigns, performs keywords research, and analyzes ad performances.

It is a challenging role that requires a broad skill set such as knowledge of PPC tools, HTML, and keyword usage, strong organizational and analytical skills, copywriting, knowledge of SEO trends and conversion rate optimization.

Where can you find these types of jobs


One of the best places for finding digital marketing jobs is the internet. You can search through online job boards, social media groups, or find work as an independent contractor on freelancer marketplaces if you are looking for a more flexible working schedule.


The majority of important marketing skills can be learned on the job, you can work remotely or from home, and unleash your creativity in the process, meaning that you can gain a lot by choosing digital marketing as a career path.