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The Best Pencils for Those Who Love to Sketch

by Edvard Berlusconi

Drawing truly is one of those amazing activities that will never fail to calm you down and make you feel centered. In the ever hectic and bustling modern world, the idea of just sitting down to be a little creative for no other reason than joy can seem strange– bizarre even.

This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do it though! Whether you’re a creative pro who’s always working on the next big thing, or you’re simply looking for the tools to get started with a new hobby, you need to find yourself the right tools!


Pencils and pens are your staples for drawing, but if you want to be a little less graphic and a little more free form, you should focus on pencils. These are going to unlock your sketching potential and really help you to fall in love with drawing, regardless of how good you are or how often you do it! The types of pencils you should be looking at are:

B, Black

B pencils are great for artists, they’re dense, dark and easy to manipulate, which makes them ideal for drawing. The right art kit should feature a full range of B pencils, from 2 to 7 will set you on the right path.

H, Hard


H pencils are very different from B, they are soft, tough and very faint, so they’re basically opposites. You can afford to only have a couple of Hs in your repertoire without feeling like you’re missing out. The higher the pencil grade, the harder the pencil, for drawing you should avoid going above a 5H.

F, Fine


F pencils are really great for drawing pencil kits, every creative at every level should have one. The fine, precise line that you get from an F pencil will always come in handy when it comes to sketching.



Graphite pencil sets are a great way to go for anyone who wants to start sketching. You’ll find a full range of pencils that you’ll actually need and use! Graphite is rich, high quality and long-lasting, so these pencils will definitely be worth investing in!

Mechanical Pencils


Although the mechanical pencil might not be the first place where your mind jumps when you’re thinking about sketching, they are definitely something for you to consider. Mechanical pencils give you precision, crisp lines, and ultimate control. These are great for fine sketching and line drawings. The best part of mechanical pencils is you don’t have to sharpen them!

Keeping your Kit


Once you’ve collected your full range of drawing utensils, you can start to think about finding the perfect case to keep them all in! A pencil case really is the best way to go, find one that has organizational segments built-in to keep your tools from marking one another. You’ll be able to find exactly what you need when you need it without the pain of having to trace the number and letter detailing on each individual pencil.

Be sure to find yourself a few additional pieces of stationary to make your sketching process a little easier! A set of erasers and rulers will help you to keep your artworks tidy and smudge-free!

You should be itching to get your hands on your perfect set of pencils by now! To fully gear yourself up, grab yourself a pencil set, a sharpener, erasers, a ruler, a pencil case and an unlined notebook (all these are available on Miligram website). With these tools at hand, you’ll be creating picture-perfect sketches in absolutely no time!