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Scams Related to Moving Company and How to Avoid Them

by Lana

Sooner or later, moving services can be needed by anyone. Many people often find themselves being scammed while moving. How can this be expressed?

Moving is stressful, but that doesn’t mean you should allow your movers to cheat. Use these tips to hire professionals from a trusted company, such as myaffordablemove, and ensure safe and quality work.

The Most Frequent Scams

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A mismatch between the preliminary and actual price. Find out in advance from the customer support office about the cost of work and possible overpayments, require an estimate, and call an appraiser.

Unplanned surcharges. When moving, take into account the presence of an elevator in the house, the floor you live at and move to, and the presence of bulky items.

Special procrastination. Many movers work not at fixed prices, but by the hour. Fraudsters are easy to calculate: they are pulling time. You can either ask for monetary compensation for the downtime or contact the manager and put forward your terms.

Before contacting any company, it’s better to study reviews about its work on the Internet. If the firm uses different tricks to deceive its customers, then it’s advisable to refuse its services.

How Not to Fall Prey to Scammers

Visit the site of the company which offers moving services. However, the design of the site and tempting offers aren’t so important in this case. Check the age of the domain name of the site. Doing this is simple because there are many resources with such services. Companies engaged in scamming customers change sites frequently and have small domain age.

Try to find out as much information as possible about each company. Don’t hesitate to ask direct questions, such as: “What is included in the cost of the movers’ work?”, “Is everything included in the price or are there additional surcharges?”, “Who will be responsible for ruined furniture, broken dishes, and other damages if this happens?” Don’t be lazy to record the conversation on your phone, where you will indicate that you will pay for the actual time of hiring movers. Fraudulent movers won’t tell you that they plan to rip you off, so naturally they keep silent about additional work.

Request data about the company, which can be checked on the Internet. Find out whether the company works under a contract and you can familiarize yourself with this document, whether the company has warranty liability for the transported property, whether it’s possible to make an inventory and sealing of the body etc. Try to request a call for an estimator to draw up an estimate. Trustworthy companies will respond favorably to your requests and provide all the information and services you need.

Some Additional Advices

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Make a List of Moving Companies

After a detailed study of moving company review sites and testimonials, make a list with the names of several moving companies. Let them be a few, but they will be the companies you can trust with all your possessions.

Find a Balance Between Quality and Price

Determine the cost of each moving company by comparing quality with price. Remember: cheap movers aren’t first-class, and high-quality movers aren’t cheap. However, a high price doesn’t mean that a reliable moving company will handle the move. Consider each detail from price to reputation to what is included in the service.

Understand all Offered Services

Different moving companies offer different services. For example, some may only offer basic services while others may offer additional options, such as transport, storage, and packing. You should make sure that the company you choose offers the services you need. To be sure of the quality of services offered by a company, visit their website or contact them by phone or email. Be specific in your inquiries to see if they can fulfill your needs.

A personal consultation is important. It gives you more opportunities to measure the effectiveness of the company’s customer service. You will be able to closely monitor how customer support is responding to your queries and make the right decisions. This will also make you determine the reliability and efficiency of the company.

Find out What Vehicles are Available

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It’s important to consider the fleet of vehicles available with the company. Home moves don’t always require the use of large vehicles. For smaller moves, you should consider a luggage cab. The company should regularly maintain its vehicles and take care of their technical condition.

Consider the Right Time Frames

You need to stick to the date and time agreed upon in advance. That’s important, as it allows the homeowner to make a plan of action. A professional company is characterized by adherence to deadlines and proves its reliability by punctuality. You should also consider experience when looking for the right moving company. This ensures that personal belongings are secure and the services are of the highest quality.

Leave Your Feedback

After moving to your new place, don’t forget to leave a review about your moving company. Many potential customers need your evaluation of the moving company you have chosen. Be sure to include all pros and cons you noticed while working with movers.

Now that you are sitting relaxed in your new apartment with a drink in your hand, you can smile widely. After all, you now know that all of your research into moving companies has paid off. The result is a worry-free move.