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Sustainable Options For Private Label Water: Eco-Friendly Bottles And Packaging

by Lana

Private Label Water is a great example of a business that understands the importance of efficient and sustainable packaging. They recognize that appropriate packaging is key to their success, whether they are using water bottles as a promotional item or as an integral core product of their business. By using sustainable packaging materials, they are able to meet their social responsibility and ensure that their operations are environmentally friendly. This not only benefits the planet, but it also benefits their bottom line by attracting customers who are concerned about sustainability. As more and more consumers demand eco-friendly products, businesses that do not prioritize sustainability are at risk of being left behind.

As such, it is easy to see how important the choice of a reliable private-label water supplier is and what their attitudes towards sustainability look like. Taking the right steps can ensure consumer confidence and societal dedication. In this article, you will dive into the world of sustainable water bottle packaging water bottles and its impact on the economy:

The Future Of Sustainability For Businesses

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Ensuring eco-friendly packaging is one thing, but remaining consistent and compliant is a whole different issue. Especially when it comes to water packaging, the type of packaging item you select can impact your contents detrimentally or positively. Paper tetra packs are one of the most popular options in the market today, but they can produce multiple consequences if not managed properly.

Businesses have found out that the bits of paper get mixed up with the water or beverage inside it and spoil the contents. Keeping this in mind, suppliers have tried to integrate a pulpy exoskeleton made with thick bamboo shoots to ensure their strength. Retailers and wholesalers alike strive to achieve a private label relationship that can ensure optimized and customized branding and labeling for their water products.

They also strive to eradicate non-recyclable products and transition into a completely eco-friendly and ethical business that adheres to clients’ environmental needs. One can also achieve this by providing recycling instructions to customers or providing valuable statistics about the environment or the product on the label.

To do that, customized private-label water suppliers are pivotal. They provide not only environmentally compliant packaging options but also a multitude of water types to ensure the health of their stakeholders.

Suppose you want to retain business ethics and ensure you are environmentally compliant. In that case, it is pivotal and imperative for your business to partner with reliable private-label water solutions like myownwater.com, which can manufacture stellar eco-friendly designs and cater to your water type requirements. Always ensure you opt for a supplier that is tied with the IBWA and has been awarded in terms of their water quality and taste.

They can provide natural spring water that goes through a comprehensive filtration process or purified water that has been rigorously processed for osmosis, carbon filtration, and other impurities. Always ensure they provide their lab reports and testing results on their website. They can also provide alkaline water with an increased pH and electrolyte-enhanced water that can boost hydration through specific trace minerals. Ensure that they have earned an SQF certification score of 99% (or a level 3 certification).

What Are Your Options To Achieve Sustainability In Your Business Model?

As mentioned, there is a growing focus on plastics and PET packaging, leading people to transition towards environmentally-friendly options that are reusable and recyclable. Certain businesses opt for using fewer plastics, while others invest in materials that are soluble in water. Given below are two of the most used options by businesses today:

Paper-Based Tetra Packs

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In an attempt to raise customer awareness about plastic pollution, paper-based cartons and tetra packs have climbed the stairs to sustainability and recyclability. Opting for the right supplier can also provide a wide range of marketing and branding aspects that don’t sacrifice aesthetics while also maintaining the scope for providing the message. Carton water packages are a sustainable choice made from paper blends, paper boards, bamboo, and other materials to increase durability.

It impacts positively on climatic change, and certified suppliers can ensure that the forests are being harvested along with the manufacturing. It has proven to reduce carbon footprint while also reducing the emissions of greenhouse gasses. It is recyclable, renewable, pure, opaque, and resistant to environmental changes.

Using paper and aluminum is an extremely affordable and sustainable option because it uses multiple layers of packaging that retain the organoleptic properties of water and prevents external contact with light and heat to manipulate the contents. The caps for paper-based tetra packs are made from bamboo shoots that prevent moisture and microorganisms from entering the liquid.

Aluminum Bottles

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When it comes to water, no better packaging material than metals like aluminum can readily be recycled. Not only does it mitigate the negative aspects of paper bottles, they do what paper does, but better. Aluminum can be recycled endlessly, and unlike paper, it harbors durability and reliability.

The right supplier will offer premium quality aluminum that is certified to be safe. They can also provide customizable prospects for resealing properties as well. The recycling process also consumes less energy than glass or paper cartons and can be recycled within two months. Consumers opt for aluminum packaging more than others- about 49.8% of the market. The emissions are 7% to 21% less than plastics and about 50% lower than glass- transportation included.

Private Label Water Challenges In Achieving Sustainability

Sustainability can improve your business prospects and help you research multiple avenues to reach a global standard. It ensures you stay compliant and ethical to the environment while also integrating brand identity and image in your packaging. However, with almost everything in the world, there are limitations that businesses must attempt to cross.

Competition with eco-friendly giants who increased and capitalized their standards have penetrated the market with lower costs. It is quite impossible to keep up with them, and establishing new standards cannot be done for a low price.

Moreover, opting for a reliable supplier who takes care of your sustainable needs is a critical issue. Prioritizing sustainability comes with higher costs because plastics are cheaper. Aesthetics also become a major issue in captivating consumers into buying them, and they are typically charged higher in the market.


A creative, intelligent, and innovative approach to sustainability will improve business prospects by a mile. Making the right packaging choices can increase brand reputation while maintaining customer and business relations with your private-label water supplier. Whether you opt for a paper-based package or a metal-based bottle depends on your potential to absorb costs. Whatever the choice may be, it will help you raise customer awareness, especially if you can influence a majority of your target market through sleek visuals and aesthetics.