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Most common uses of razor wire

by Edvard Berlusconi

When it comes to fences and property security, one of the most common things that people use is a barbed wire. However, according to many experts, a barbed wire has a lot of security flaws, which makes it one of the least effective choices amongst farmers, or people who live in larger properties that need to be properly secured.

Today we’re talking about the more successful “brother” of the barbed wire, which is the razor wire. So, if you want to learn more, or you’re currently in a situation where you need to choose a wire for your property, this article is definitely for you. Feel free to continue reading until the end, and without any further ado, let’s dive into the content.

The difference between Barbed and Razor Wire

Just like we’ve mentioned earlier, there is nothing wrong with using a barbed wire, but when it comes to security, it definitely has its flaws. Why? Well, the barbed wire is usually made out of poles and the “barb fence”, but there are quite a few gaps between the lines of barb which make it really easy to avoid and go through. It might work against any hostile animals that want to invade your property, if you happen to live in such an area, but against humans, it definitely won’t work as it should.

Razor wires however, are much more secure, and they won’t allow neither animals nor human invaders to go inside your property. Razor Wires are much taller, have absolutely no gaps, and on the top of them there is the actual razor blade barrier which completely prevents anyone from trying to “hop over” the fence or climb it. If you want to see some great examples of a wire that matches everything we just wrote, feel free to visit razorfencewire.com

What can a Razor Wire Fence protect me from?

A razor wire fence, unlike the barbed wire one, which is the much cheaper but unsafe variant, can protect you from both wild animals and human invaders. The Razor Wire Fence is very tall, and on top of it, there’s the razor wire barricade, which prevents anyone that’s skilled into climbing or jumping high to pass over it. As for the barbed wire, it can be jumped over really easily, even by someone that’s not really physically ready. So, if you want maximum protection, definitely go with the Razor Wire Fence, it might cost you a little bit more, but it will guarantee the safety for both you and your property.

If you just want to “mark” your area however, you can go with the much cheaper variant which is the barbed wire. It is up to you what you’ll choose.

Do I really need it?

Just like we’ve mentioned earlier, if you happen to live on a farm or in an area where there is a possibility of being attacked by a wild animal or anything similar to that, having a razor-wire fence might be a necessity. However, if you live in an urban neighborhood, there is no big reason to put something like that around your home.