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What’s So Special About Moon-Phase Watches?

by Tracy Finke

Looking for an adequate watch model, you probably came across Moon phase watches. You will find a diverse and high-quality range of watches on the market, but the combination of aesthetics with innovative technology is always a hit. These are the main advantages of Moon phase watches.

In addition to the impeccably beautiful look, you get a great feature or the ability to display the moon. We must also admit that this is one of the visually more beautiful functions of the watch. It is certainly a nice feeling to have this specific function in addition to the ordinary ones that every hour has.

However, man has always been fascinated by the night sky since he first looked at it. Before the clocks were made, people were guided by the luminous guides that are on it. By observing and following the cycle of the moon, man imagined the first primitive lunar calendar. If you are also a lover of the mystery and majesty of the night sky, find out more about this watch model.

The impact of the moon on people

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It has always been historically important to follow the moon’s orbit. This satellite is very important for man and his daily existence. Whether it’s ebb and flow or a religious ceremony, seafaring or something else, the moon played a significant role in that.

Earlier, the phases of the moon were tracked in a very rough way, but today you can have a miniature version of the universe on your wrist. There is also ample evidence that moon shifts affect human mood. For example, many people are affected by water, and it is known that man is water to a great extent.

The full moon is also often used as an excuse for bad luck, attention deficit and the like. Its effect is also related to the amount of melatonin, kidney health, etc. Many people believe that the moon affects all aspects of their lives. The biggest change is in mood and health.

Therefore, monitoring the phase of the moon can be of great importance. For example, try to remember if you once blamed a full moon for an explosive mood. You’ve probably heard this many times from other people. Most people believe in astrology. In that case, it is known that the moon has a great impact on the energy field.

A number of people are very interested in astrology and are thrilled with gadgets that will bring them closer to the stars. However, some take the change of the moon very seriously and this helps them to better organize their time or sort out their thoughts. Of course, there are those who think that this is a totally useless addition to the watch.

How does Moon phase Watch work?

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Moon phase watches work on a very simple principle. In addition to working like any other clock, it has an additional function that shows a small part of what phase the moon is currently in. So, it shows the new moon, half moon, full moon, etc.

Most watches use an aperture to hide all the parts that glow and display the moon in its current phase of the lunar cycle. There are different types of designs, and visuals vary from piece to piece so you should visit here and see a few of them.

One type of clock uses a graphical approach and displays the moon in different phases inside the opening. The second type contains an indicator pointer used to monitor the lunar cycle.

This mechanism has existed for a long time, and includes two identical months that are placed on the disk below the dial. The disc moves once a day, but other details will depend on the design of the dial and aperture. The drive wheel is always the same. We must mention that most of these watches are very accurate and you will not go wrong if you choose it. This detail may not be the most necessary for watch owners, but you will agree that it looks very nice visually.

History of the watch

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Throughout history, people have used various techniques to measure time. However, those who have learned the court can obtain more accurate weather data by observing the movements of celestial stars and planets. For example, there was a sundial that measured the time of day using the direction of the shadow cast by certain sunlit objects.

It is probably one of the oldest forms of timekeeping, and was mostly used in public places. Water clocks are actually the first devices used to track shorter periods of time. In that case, the time was measured by collecting water droplets in a container. Then, we have the hourglass that is used today as a decorative item.

Everyone is well acquainted with the two glass balls that are connected by a narrow tube. Finally, mechanical watches appear that have attracted the attention of all designers.

As a result of their curiosity, various forms of watches are created. With the development of electronics, we get a watch without any clock mechanism. We must not forget about the pocket watch, which is more than a mechanism. He received forms of applied art.

Painters, sculptors, engravers and many others began to deal with his appearance. The result of their hard work and ideas are new techniques of gilding, glazing, etc. Over the following years, the message of the exact time was an integral part of life. Initially, watches were worn only by women, as it was not popular with men – civilians.

In modern watches, the team element is a resonator, which oscillates or vibrates at a certain frequency, or a harmonic oscillator. Watches can have different ways of displaying time, which are directly related to the interior of the manufactured watches.


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The influence of the moon on people is manifested through the action on the subconscious, feelings, dreams, intuition, and it is also known as the initiator of night activities. The sign in which the Moon is found at the moment of birth determines our emotional attitude towards the world, how gentle, inspiring or adaptable we will be.

Some surgeons believe that patients bleed less during the lunar phase of decline, so these are ideal days for removing warts and moles. As you may have noticed, the moon can have a big impact on you. If you want an interesting and useful feature on your device, then Moon phase Watch is the right choice for you.