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Everything You Need to Know About Modern Video Converters in 2024

by Tracy Finke

In our digital world, people find new solutions to facilitate their lives and work with video files effectively. Videos have become an indispensable part of our lives as we create, share, and download visual content. Sometimes, users face the incompatibility issue when a specific video format is not supported on their device. Thankfully, video converters help overcome this challenge easily and enjoy videos regardless of their format.

There are many benefits of using the online video converter, but we can come across so many of them on the Internet that makes it hard to choose the best. In this article, you will explore modern video converters’ features and learn to select the appropriate software.

What to Consider About Modern Video Converters

With so many video conversion tools available on the web, an average user will find it challenging to choose the best. There are online and offline converters you can use for free or buy. The more sophisticated features you need, the higher the price. But before you start selecting the tool, consider what video format you need to convert and if it’s compatible with your operating system. Let’s explore the video converter’s main features!

1. File Type Varieties

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It’s great when a converter supports multiple formats, but you need to ensure that there’s the one you use the most frequently. As a rule, video converters support popular formats, but if you have something exceptional, choose the corresponding tool. Thus, you should not select a converter with limited file formats. Pay attention to it in advance to avoid problems with converting in the future. The number of input and output formats must be equal.

2. Usability

When choosing a video converter for personal use, do not buy into rich functionalities. A full-featured tool means that inexperienced users will have problems with usability. Consider only must-have features that will enable a flawless user experience. Before installing the software on your device or buying it, make sure it has desired functionality. You should read a converter description, check the official website, or address the support team.

3. Interface

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With so many video converter options, you should pay attention to a user-friendly interface. Whether it is online or requires download, mind that you understand how it works. As a rule, video conversion doesn’t require many steps. You browse the file, select the output format, and get your video converted.

If you need to learn how to work with the converter, do not waste your time as there are many great options. A straightforward interface will save your time and provide a seamless user experience. Check this software if you a looking for a tool with intuitive interface and lots of editing options.

4. Speed

Another crucial aspect in choosing the right tool is video conversion speed. Do not overlook this factor as a low conversion speed takes much time that is really stressful. Thus, make sure the tool is characterized by a high conversion speed. There are plenty of converters providing this feature, so check in advance not to suffer when converting the file. Customer reviews are a reliable source for knowing a converter’s speed.

Top Video Converters to Try in 2024

Let’s look at the list of the best video conversion tools that anyone can use.

Online Video Converters

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Here you can find the best free online tools for video conversion.

  • FreeConvert: FreeConvert supports more than sixty video formats, providing the highest output quality. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to convert a video in a few clicks. FreeConvert is safe to use, and all your files are protected with encryption and are automatically deleted after two hours. Mind that you can always upgrade the converter to avoid queues and ads.
  • Clip Converter: Clip Converter is a free online recorder, which allows you to convert videos through URL. It is easy to use as you just have to paste a video link, select format, quality, and start conversion. This tool is widely used for converting YouTube videos and downloading them on your device.
  • OnlineVideoConverter: OnlineVideoConverter allows users to convert a video file, link, or record the video. You will benefit from a superior output quality. It is compatible with most browsers that provide a seamless user experience. The converter supports all popular formats. You have no limits to using the tool. The conversion duration depends on the video length and the service load.

Video Converting Software

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In this list, we collected the best software you can install on your device and convert videos for free.

  • WinX: The WinX video converter is a free tool operating on any device. It allows users to convert videos to AVI, MP3, MP4, HEVC, MOV, MKV formats. You can convert footage taken by GoPro, DJI drone, etc. It’s recommended to compress video for faster uploading without losing quality. It’s possible to customize a video by adding subtitles. WinX has a super fast conversion speed and provides enhanced output quality.
  • Leawo: Leawo is a multifunctional tool providing fast and easy video conversion. Thanks to GPU-accelerating technology, the conversion speed is impressively high. It has a special toolkit that resolves all DVD issues in one simple package. Leawo converter helps create photo slideshows. You can enhance the output with many great effects, including trimming, cropping, watermarking, 3D creating, noise removing, and more.
  • Fonepaw: With Fonepaw, you will get a high conversion speed and quality for free. This multifunctional software allows users to convert and edit videos, audio, and DVDs. You can benefit from a trial version and buy the software if you are satisfied with its features. It has a special feature enabling people to convert several videos at a time. You will be able to convert between more than three hundred video and audio formats.


Thus, our readers know how to select a decent tool for video conversion. It helps users watch any video format on any device without much time and effort. Pay attention to the converter features and choose the one that is easy to use. You should check customer reviews and decide if the tool can satisfy your needs.