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Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses for the Wedding Day

by Ingeborg

Sometimes, the mismatch is the perfect match.

Getting the chance to become a bridesmaid calls for the perfect outfit and appearance.

The outfit you need is one that can match the wedding shenanigans, the enchanting atmosphere of the wedding, the lilacs and the daisies, the divinity in the church’s midst, and also makes you feel like royalty.

Most importantly, finding the perfect outfit that can work wonders with the bride’s outfits.

However, it isn’t a simple job, with a million tailoring appointments along with the wedding jitters. It is even worse when the color or the dress is either too dull or too jazzy for the bridesmaids. Now, this would definitely be a Debbie-downer and weddings shouldn’t be a sulky day.

To take you out of this conundrum, the best option is to consider mismatched bridesmaid dresses!

Why Choose Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses?


The fashion industry is growing stupendously every day. The bridal showrooms are filled with aesthetically pleasing dresses that could make anyone wish for a grand wedding.

If you’re the kind of person Monica Geller is, Bridal showrooms are truly your safe haven. Yet, apart from just bridal dresses, there is also an impressive deal of bridesmaid dresses hanging right in front of you.

From satin gowns to cocktail dresses, there is a huge variety of bridesmaid dresses from which you can choose.

However, finding the dress for one person isn’t hard but what about finding the perfect dress for more than 5 people? Now that can turn a beautiful wedding into a horrifying version of Bridezilla.

To make this situation better, the mismatched bridesmaid dresses have come to your rescue!

5 Reasons Why Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses are the Best Option

The top 5 reasons to consider having a mismatched bridesmaid dress theme are:


1. Variety of colors

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses reduce the monotony of colors. Someone may look better in a cobalt blue dress while someone else prefers a turquoise one.

Mismatched dresses give your bridesmaids a chance to find the color that suits their style and their body.

2. Different designs

Apart from the colors, the design is also another important factor.

Why stick to one design when there are a lot of wonderful options meeting the requirements of the bridesmaids?

From neckline designs to hemlines to the waist tailoring, there is absolutely nothing wrong in experimenting with various styles and designs.

After all, it will give your bridesmaids a different touch too.

3. Brings out Uniqueness

The similar colors and designs exhibit uniformity but take away the magic of uniqueness. Using distinct shades of colors and designs can work magic if planned properly.

It also gives uniqueness to each bridesmaid along with the perfect outfit coordination.

4. Overall appearance

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses give the best overall appearance in reel as well as real life. They bring out the individuality of each woman in the pictures and make the bride stand out from the others too.

5. No complications

Matching dresses can lead to complications with various requirements and expectations of everyone. It is necessary to know that each woman’s style and size are not the same.

This can create complications while trying to choose the kind of dress to which everyone agrees. Hence, mismatched dresses give you the advantage of variety as well as eliminating complications.

It is a win-win option!

10 Tips to Pull off the Mismatched Look


1. Use similar shades

Mismatched dresses give you the freedom of choosing vivid colors. However, make sure that all the colors are from the same color palette and scheme.

This ensures that the dresses will make a beautiful combination instead of disastrous inconsistency.

2. Do not vary a lot

All the colors, designs, and styles should not vary a lot. Variations may not give you the uniformity you expected. It is advisable to stick with the same kinds of designs and colors.

Similar kinds of accessories and makeup can give the perfect touch to all your bridesmaids.

3. Find a common element

A common element can bind all the outfits like a glue! It can be anything such as a small necklace, flower tiara, bracelet, sandals, or any other add-on.

Make sure you put out that element fabulously and give your girls and yourself the fun you all deserve!

4. Look out for themes


The best way to handle all the stress of mismatched bridesmaid dresses is to choose a theme. Themes help in coordinating colors, designs, and also give people the freedom to choose what they like.

Here are a few examples of themes you can look out for.

  • Marvelous monochrome to have a chic black and white theme.
  • Fabulous florals to bring out the essence of joy and merriment.
  • Pretty pastels to give an aesthetic touch.
  • Beautiful blue to radiate royalty.

Other than these you can have your own unique themes!

5. Consider Proper Hemlines

Varying lengths can create a mess. Decide upon an organized pattern of lengths and let your bridesmaids select from it.

6. Choose a Single Designer or Showroom

Consider going to the same designer for all dresses. Different designers can have unique styles and designs. This may not look very coordinated.

Other than that, your bridesmaids might also get a bulk discount!

7. Take the Opinion of Bridesmaids

Before you decide on everything, take the opinion of all your bridesmaids. Now, this may lead to conflict but look out for the common requirements of everyone and choose accordingly.

8. Similar Flower Bouquets


There is simplicity in choosing similar flower bouquets for everyone. Flower bouquets emanate beauty and love. These bouquets are also highlighted when the bridesmaids walk down the aisle.

Hence, they give the flawless look to the entire bridesmaid ensemble.

9. Take Inspiration

Give yourself some time to search for various bridesmaid dresses. Think of all the styles you wish to consider and look out for them.

You can always take inspiration from various images like on the internet or through other mediums like wedding magazines or Pinterest, etc.

10. Set Dress Guidelines


A group of girls also means a lot of whims and fancies. Make sure you set proper guidelines and instructions for picking the dress to help your friends. It is important to please your friends but not as important as pleasing yourself on the biggest day of your life – your wedding day.

In conclusion, mismatched bridesmaid dresses bring out the true element of weddings with their vigor and style. They look one-of-a-kind without looking monotonous.

So find the perfect dress type for your girls to give them the time of their lives.

Who knows, one of them might end up catching the bouquet and give you the bridesmaid fever too!