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7 Mechanical Engineering Machinery Tools Of The Trade Top Choices

by Tracy Finke

Mechanical engineers are known to use different types of machine tools for their tasks, be it digital or handheld. Their tasks are wholesome and hardy too, which not only need effort but also the right choice of machinery tools where it feels the investment is worth it.

And if you are one of the mechanical engineers in search of machine tools, then look nowhere else. You are at the right place. This article will discuss the various mechanical engineering machine tools of the trade top choice. Let us get started.

1. Semiconductor process systems

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One of the most important, valuable and useful tools that are required in the field of mechanical engineering, is the semiconductor process system.

These kinds of process systems are used for creating various other types of electronic devices such as circuit wafers and flat panel displays. These can also be used for creating data chips for any electronic auto parts.

Apart from the use of these types of tools for creating data chips, they can be used for other purposes too. In the field of mechanical engineering, these tools can also be used for testing other electronic types of equipment.

2. Caliper

Source: makeitfrommetal.com

Caliper is one of the most common types of machinery that you will hear about in the field of engineering. It has the most basic use but yet the most important and valuable. Have you heard of the drafting compass? It can be said that a caliper is similar to a drafting compass.

It is used for measuring the dimensions of an object. In the field of mechanical engineering, this tool is used for measuring the machinery and its other different parts. Let us consider an example to understand the basic use of a caliper.

Suppose a part of a machine has broken down, a caliper can be used in this situation to measure the dimensions of the broken part and can create a replacement for the broken part with the measured dimensions.

3. Cold forming press

Source: deringerney.com

Do you know what a cold forming press is? Well, if not, let us explain it to you. A machine which is vertical in shape and is capable of creating parts of a machine out of any metal or plastic or any other type of material is known as a cold forming press. These parts that are being used by a cold forming press might be of use to any other machines too.

If you are still wondering about such machinery parts that can be made with the help of a cold forming press then let us give you some examples. With the help of a cold forming press, an engineer can manufacture fasteners, bolts and different types of valves.

4. Mirror

If you are wondering what is the use of a mirror in the field of engineering, then let us drop a hint. No, mirrors are not only used for homely purposes or any medical purposes but they can also be used for some in-field works by a mechanical engineer. Have you ever seen a dentist using a mirror, a small one? Yes, that is the size of the mirrors that the engineers need for their work.

The purpose of these mirrors is to let the engineers view types of machinery from various angles so that they are able to inspect them. The mirrors can also be used by the engineers during the process of repairing. Let us take an example.

Suppose an engineer needs to inspect a damaged part of machinery very closely, then he or she can take the help of a mirror to observe it.

5. Vibration Isolator

Source: hfoplant.blogspot.com

A vibration isolator is another important piece of machinery that is to be used in the field of engineering. A vibrator isolator is used for detecting vibrations in a piece of machinery so that engineers can address them. A vibration isolator is also used for measuring the vibration in a machine. The question lies in the importance of a vibration isolator.

When a machine building takes place, one of the major problems that take place is vibration. It can be worse owing to the destruction of the equipment entirely or can bar it from working properly. And thus comes the use of a vibration isolator. A vibration isolator when used in these cases, can help in preventing such further occurring problems or can solve them with ease.

Let us take the help of an example. If the engine of a machine is vibrating rigorously without a stop, a vibration isolator can be used in this case to search for the root cause of this vibration and then an engineer can fix the problem.

This not only helps from any further expensive damage but also helps the engine to run more smoothly and efficiently within a very short time.

6. Graphing Calculator

As is known how complicated the calculation can be when we talk about mechanical engineering. And thus, to ease the complex calculations of engineers, a graphing calculator is used.

Besides helping with complicated calculations, a graphing calculator is also used to check the numbers when you are designing new machines. Sometimes, mechanical engineers prefer using software such as Microsoft Excel to carry out different calculations.

Although the use of software may seem easier, but the graphing calculators will give you the advantage of portability. And this is more useful than using a computer with Microsoft Excel.

7. Ohmmeter

Source: electricalreview.co.uk

The electric resistance passing through a circuit is measured using an ohmmeter. If a machine has to be tested or built, the use of an ohmmeter becomes inevitable. For example, if an engineer has to work on an electric machine that is not working, the electric capabilities of the machine are to be tested using an ohmmeter to identify the problem.

The above mentioned are some of the machine tools that are to be used for the purposes of mechanical engineering. This article has been all about these certain tools and their specific uses.