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How To Keep Track Of Your Crypto Investments – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

In the past investment was a job that only professionals did. You had or hired an investment company to make you a portfolio and you had a long discussion with them about what you like and what is best to invest in. Those times have changed and now, everyone has a lot more opportunities and a lot more investment options.

Since the technology is advancing and since more options are in front of us we all tend to use them the best we can. With the development of cryptocurrencies and crypto investments, we managed to bypass investment companies and become our investors and our portfolio holders. We buy, sell, trade and either make a profit or loss it all depends on the market and our knowledge and skill when it comes to investing.

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One issue that has befallen a lot of new investors that started by themselves is tracking their investments and tracking wins and losses. Today we will talk a bit about that and we would like to tell you about the delta.app which is an app that will help you track all of your investments and help you make only smart moves from now on.

What most of us that first started investing in crypto and started making crypto portfolios, was opening a lot of numerous different exchange accounts and downloading numerous cool wallets to stash your various crypto coins.

The biggest problem is that you pretty soon start losing track of all your investments, and most importantly you don’t have a clear picture of the sum of your money. You can immediately tell if you are up or down and to get to that info you need to go through each of your accounts, each of your coins and portfolios and do the math by yourself.

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The best solution for this issue is rather simple, and we don’t understand why most people try to avoid it. All you need to successfully track everything down is a portfolio tracking and analytics app, like the one we mentioned above. As soon as you adopt this you will see the change immediately and you will see how easy it is to track everything down and to get any info within seconds of them being needed.

The list of all of these apps, and there are several of them is that they allow you to download the app, open it and connect multiple different portfolios from multiple different exchanges into this one app.

What this app will allow you is to see all your portfolios in one place and it will help you track what is happening across them. You will get information like gains, losses, entry prices and more which are the basics you need to successfully run your investments.

What do you think that those multiple screens and multiple lines and charts on a desk of a pro-investor are? They are all an app that has multiple analytics that helps them determine what to do or where to move their or your funds next to make a profit. It is all one big app that offers a lot of things that are useful for professionals, while apps, like we mentioned here, are more simplified versions for broad consumerism, but they are no less precise or less important than pro ones.

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Depending on the app you choose for this you will get certain benefits and options. The app we mentioned has worked hard on its tracking part of the app and with their powerful tools, you can get live access to the price movements of all popular stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, indices, mutual funds, bonds, futures, and options. Why is this particular app interesting to us, and why it should be interesting to you?

Well, the fact that this app allows you to track pretty much everything is the biggest advantage out there. Most of us that are in investment, especially seasoned investors know that you shouldn’t have all your eggs in one basket. Investing everything you have in just crypto would also be very reckless.

This is why you diversify and try to cover a lot of things. The best portfolio is the one that contains investments in crypto, stocks and other things like NFTs or similar. This is why you need one app to rule them all or one app to have your entire portfolio on.

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With this app you will get all the pro tools that are made for beginners, meaning easy to track and understand, you will get all the charts, the trends, movements and news in one spot. This will give you a lot of edge over others because you can quickly act and move upon any particular change whether in NFT, crypto or stock world, and you can do that in only a few clicks.

So, the thing you need is an app that can track all of this. There are plenty of apps online and they are all good and bad in their way. What you need to do is find one that suits your needs best and that will be easy, user-friendly and comprehensive. We offered and told you about the Delta app which we like especially for the part of stocks portfolio coverage, besides the crypto world.

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There are others as well, some are free or paid, research and try them and see for yourself. Another thing to check is the number of crypto coins, exchanges or wallets you may have that are supported by the app you chose because not all of them cover everything. Not a big worry, just a nice thing to keep in mind when looking for your solution.

So investing is good, it is not as complicated as it was, but to do it and do it successfully you need a tracking app that will have all of your crypto investments in one place with a bunch of analytic tools that will aid you in determining what to do now, where you did something wrong, and to help you plan what to do next. We wish you happy hunting for the perfect app and we wish you all the best on the crypto market!