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7 Style Tips: How to Wear a Women’s Bucket Hat

by Lana

Hats are a very powerful accessory for both men and women, but they also serve as a great decoration and protection against the cold. Fashionable styles of hats for women can be found in different styles. This season, experts advise you to choose trendy hats, knitted models, more classic berets, bucket hats, and the like.

You can wear the hat in all combinations – from casual to formal, it’s just up to you to choose your ‘it’ model! The bucket hat is one of the most popular fashion accessories right now, but it’s also one of those trends that you either love or hate.

These caps were popularized through rap music, and they are great for protection from the sun, so they are an ideal choice for hot summer days we are in. The best thing is that you can combine it with almost any outfit, and below, read some of the suggestions on how to become a real fashion icon with the help of this fashion accessory.

Summer days

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Bucket hats are excellent sun protection and an ideal choice for hot summer days. So don’t forget to take it to the beach and combine it with your favorite costume. In addition to protecting you from harmful UV rays, you will look modern and trendy without much effort. It is recommendable to visit this site and search for your ideal women’s bucket hat!

Sporty elegance

The good thing about fashion these days is that fashion styles are intertwined, so you can’t go wrong with anything you wear. Sneakers, your favorite jeans, a crop top, and a masculine blazer sound great, but do you know what will give this combination its personal stamp? A hat, of course!

Queen of winter

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The bucket hat has continued its style journey since the summer and now comes in a variety of waterproof and fur varieties. Almost all famous designers have made their version of this hat, which is predicted to be very popular during the autumn-winter season. During the past winters, we did not part with the so-called teddy coats, soft and warm pieces in which there is no cold even in the minus. This winter, coats got their own extension – bucket hats in the spirit of teddy coats.

Hat and dress

Thanks to the material from which it is made, the bucket hat stands out as a summer favorite that will make every combination special, and striking and give it dynamism. In addition to being the perfect fashion accessory for the beach, you can also choose it for a relaxed walk around town or for a picnic. It will complete your casual look and give it an effective look. For a city walk, you can combine it with your favorite white dress and ballet flats or espadrilles. Use your favorite scarf, which you will lightly tie around the hat, so you will give this piece a more elegant look.

White shirt

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A white shirt is a basic and timeless piece of clothing that we can wear on almost any occasion. Fashion designers often single it out as something that every fashion-conscious and experienced woman must have in her wardrobe. An oversized white shirt has become a must last season, and it can be perfectly combined with black leather shoes or colored ankle boots to achieve an original look. With a combination like this, a hat is an inevitable fashion detail.

Sporty style

Although these caps were originally intended for fishermen, rappers have made them an indispensable accessory, so we can say without a doubt that they fit perfectly with sports combinations. The great thing about these hats is that you can wear them during the day as well as at night when you’re going to a rave party or similar. It is also an ideal solution for a bad hair day.

Street style

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If you want to look modern and casual at the same time, choose sandals with high heels, cargo pants, a crop top, and an unbuttoned oversize shirt. With this styling, choose a bucket hat in the color of the pants and you will get a perfect fashion combination.

If you’ve ever wondered how to wear a bucket hat, don’t worry! You can combine it with dresses, skirts, suits, sneakers, high heels, or flip-flops. However, it is important to know that the hat is chosen in accordance with the shape of the face, body structure, and hairstyle. The warmer the face (yellowish undertone), the lighter the hat should be with a cool undertone.

There are a handful of models, so instead of trying on just about everyone you like, know this too – the rounder and more dominant the face is in relation to the body, the smaller the brim should be with a detail in the middle. This detail will optically narrow the face.

If you wear a colorful wardrobe, keep the hat plain. Matching the exact pattern of clothing and hat materials will make your carefully tailored combination look like a uniform. Also, if your clothes are monochromatic, refresh them with a hat that has an attractive pattern. A good solution is a hat in white or another neutral color, to which you will add scarves, brooches, and the like that will be in the same color or pattern as your entire wardrobe.

Final thoughts

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Hats are friends not only of our fashion style but also of our health, protecting us from unpredictable weather, strong sun, sudden rain, or wind. A hat contributes to our style, complements our hairstyle, and it is important to choose those hats that do not stand out from our outfit and which, above all, are comfortable for us.

If you are a fan of 90s fashion, this hat will help you complete the whole fashion impression in that style and take you back to your favorite era in a second. A hat is a beautiful accessory that instantly decorates the whole look. Whether you like smaller or with wide edges, there are many ways to wear it in a “cool” way and in accordance with every occasion and wardrobe. If you lift your hair under the hat, it will emphasize the features of your face, keep that in mind, that’s why stylists advise us that the lipstick matches the color of the hat in that case.