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How To Find A Reliable Long – Term Software Development Partner For Your Business

by William Gist

There is no doubt that software development is a big concern for many businesses. Poor development can lead to a range of issues, including slow systems and costly crashes. These issues can have a serious adverse effect on productivity and the reputation of a business. The high-quality development of software is so important.

In many cases, the most cost-effective way for a business to ensure proper software development is to work with an experienced software development partner. If you decide on this option, you need to find a development partner that provides you with excellent value for your investment. This is not just about the amount of money that is spent; it’s about the quality of work that is provided. The question is, how do you find a high-quality partner for your business?

Know what type of software development you need


A software development partner can provide many different services. This is why you must understand what type of development help you need from outsourcing companies.

For instance, you may need a partner who can assist your business with end to end development, including discovery stage, back-end developers front-end developers, designers, and QA. On the other hand, you may need someone to assist with back-end development or with managing a development project.

You must take the time to assess your requirements fully. Doing this means you are more likely to find a partner that is a good match for what you need. Once you know what you are looking for, it’s time to do some research.

The importance of good research


You need to objectively examine the different outsourcing companies that are available to help your company. One of the best ways to do this is to search for suitable providers online.

Sites like Quora are useful for this. You should also think about looking at Clutch. Although companies list themselves on the site, Clutch independently controls all reviews. So you can get an objective view of the way the company operates.

Why testimonials are necessary


When you start to research, which is the best choice from the outsourcing companies available, you should pay attention to testimonials. This is because these testimonials show you how reliable and effective a potential development partner is.

There are several different places online where you can find independent testimonials. The sites you should look at include Clutch, Google, and Facebook.

You may also be able to connect with a valuable partner locally. You can do this by attending networking events, or by seeking recommendations from other members of the local business community.

It’s important to remember that testimonials are not the end of the story when choosing someone to help with your software. You also need to examine the experience and expertise of the company yourself, in more detail.

What experience and expertise does a software development company have?

You may be able to get a cheap quote from a company that has been newly formed. However, it’s not all about price. The software development partner that you choose needs to have a significant amount of experience and expertise.

You can always check the website of a software development company to find out their tech stack, general information about the team and their projects.

To fully appreciate the level of skills and expertise a company has, you should check examples of its work.

Examples of work carried out by a prospective software development partner

Any reputable company that deals with the development of software should have a list of work. For instance, the portfolio includes successful projects.

Taking a look at this portfolio of work helps you to see the specialties of the company in more detail. You can then relate these previous projects to the work that needs to be done for your company.

What is the culture of the software development provider?

You can see how important it is that the experience and expertise of a potential partner match with your business requirements. However, there is something else that you also need to take into account.

You need to have a good understanding of the culture of the outsourcing companies you are looking at. You will be working with them closely, so your business cultures mustn’t conflict.

For instance, a software support provider should never be just concerned about code and technology. The company that you choose as a development partner should have a culture that is also focused on understanding your business. This understanding is a big help when you need to communicate with a software development partner.

The importance of excellent communication


You should never underestimate the need for excellent communication. This is because communication is at the center of all successful software projects.

There are several reasons why this is the case, including:

  • Third parties may have ideas and information that can improve the project.
  • Everyone involved needs to have a clear idea of project goals.
  • Transparent communication promotes high levels of trust.

You can see why you need to test the communication standards of any company you are thinking about partnering with.

The simplest way of doing this is to see whether the contact details of a company are clear. You should also measure how quickly they respond to your contact. If you are satisfied with these basic communication standards, you should test further.

As part of this test, you should ask open questions that allow the company to express its attributes fully. Remember that you are not looking for a partner that always says yes. If ‘no’ is the appropriate response to your plans, you need to partner with a company that is prepared to say this.

Putting a potential development partner to the test


AnyforSoft, a respected development company reports in their blog posts that communication should be a central point when you test the attributes of a software development company. However, you also need to determine whether the team has the skills that you need. There are specific questions that you should consider asking when you are putting a company to the test. Here are some of them:

  • How do you approach software development?

Asking this question will help you to find out development processes and tech stack.

  • What projects have you completed that are similar to ours?

This is a vital question as you need to be confident that the company has previous experience in the work that you need. They may have a lot of excellent skills but not have proven them on projects that are similar to yours.

  • What risks do you identify with a software development partnership, and how do you mitigate against them?

Asking this question will give you an idea about how much previous partnership experience the company has.

  • What do you have to offer compared to other outsourcing companies?

Before you ask this question, you must do your research about the company. The analysis allows you to determine if the company is being honest about its strengths. You should compare these strengths with the services that you need. This helps you to get the best possible match.

In summary

If you are looking for a software partner, remember that you should look for a company that shares your values, says Uptech. You also need to find a provider that is not afraid to question your ideas to improve on them. To find the right company, you need to do your research, look for testimonials, and check for excellent communication. You also need to remember that skills and expertise are essential and not just cost. It’s about getting a good return for your investment, not about spending the least amount possible.