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How To Change The Look Of Your Face?

by William Gist

Over time, our facial muscles tend to not really change at all, but our skin gets thinner and thinner. This causes the appearance of wrinkles since thinner skin creases more easily with muscle movement.

To eliminate wrinkles, however, the muscles in our skin need to be prevented from movement. Wrinkles occur as we get older, and as the skin starts bending with age.

Skin rejuvenation is something that people take great interest in. When skin rejuvenates itself constantly through time, it eliminates wrinkles on its own.

But our skin rarely rejuvenates on its own, and it needs a helping hand. So how do you change the look of your face?


One way we can give our face a helping hand is to inject it with Dysport. Dysport is made out of botulinum toxins that prevent the nerves on our face from sending instructions to the face muscles. What this does is effectively blocking communications between the nerves and the face muscles, which doesn’t result in contractions. If the muscles don’t contract, then the skin on our face doesn’t bend, and that subsequently eliminates the creation of wrinkles on our face.

The effects of this treatment are indeed long lasting for your face. Dysport weakens the movement of the face muscles, and it takes a longer time for them to regain that movement. With no movement in the muscles, the lines on our faces take longer time to reappear. But with each Dysport injection, the muscles take even longer to regain that movement, and the lack of movement weakens them even more, which results in the muscles thinking out.

Dysport is injected directly in between the area of your eyebrows. It affects the appearance of lines that extend upwards, vertically, or towards the forehead. These lines can be noticed whenever a person frowns.


These lines appear naturally through time with age, according to experts at Beauty Fix MedSpa. As we grow older, the age glabella lines become even more prominent, even if we are in a relaxed facial position. The reason as to why this occurs is because our skin loses collagen, which is a vital protein that is responsible for skin elasticity on our face.

People do not appreciate these lines, and we can imagine why. They make you look grumpy, and they especially make you look older. No one wants to look old, not even if we are old. We use skin care products all the time to eliminate glabella lines. But the best way to do it is to inject Dysport. If you’re not sure about it, you can talk to your dermatologists and he can help you make the appropriate decision.


Dysport is a noninvasive injection that prevents the formation of wrinkles at adults. You have to understand that neither Dysport or Botox completely eliminates wrinkles from your face. They are merely tools that help smoothen our faces as we grow older.  If you’re looking for a way to change the look on your face, and to change it from a grumpy old to a happy new, then consider Dysport treatment.