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How Does a VoIP Phone System Work – 2024 Beginners Guide

by William Gist

You all know those situations when you run out of credit on the phone when you need it most. Still, the room you’re in has a Wi-Fi signal? You’re saved! The possibility of telephoning via the Internet connection has been created thanks to technological advances and the development of smart devices.

So, forget about huge bills when you need to talk to someone for a long time – that remained in the dim and distant past. After all, we’re quite sure that you have all used Skype for private and business purposes. This program is a typical example that works on the principle of a VoIP system. The term is an abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol.  What exactly it represents and how this system works may not be known to you at the moment. But, if you are eager to know more about it, find some answers in the text that follows.

What does VoIP system represent?


This term refers to software that supports voice calls and is oriented to the Internet connection, as opposed to regular calls made through telephone companies. For all people who now have enough Wi-Fi signal to talk to whoever they want and whenever they want… it represents a real refreshment.

Most importantly, they don’t actually have to pay a separate bill, as it’s included in the package of internet services. Also, if you have friends in a distant country, and so far telephone providers have charged too much, you can now call them without time restrictions and fear that they’ll black out when the monthly bill reaches them.

All you need is a stable signal. In addition to that, as the entire system developed, so did the quality of calls, and today they’re mostly made in high resolution – distractions that once were getting on our nerves don’t exist anymore.

How does a VoIP system work?


This modern technology is based on converting your voice into digital signals. This is followed by sending them via the Internet, which explains the previously mentioned need for a stable Wi-Fi signal. Once they reach the receiver, the digital signals change to the sound you hear through the handset: the ‘mediator’ and provider of these services is your internet provider.

Widespread technology today finds its application everywhere in the world and in various fields, in the private and business life of people. As it’s quite well tested, it ensures certain security of voice data.

The VoIP system requires certain equipment and devices – mostly the one that every individual has today. The approach itself is not characterized as complicated and involves logging in to the service and a few more accompanying steps. Everything is done via the Internet, unlike ordinary calls that are made over a landline or mobile network exclusively.

On which devices can it be used?


First – with the help of landline and an analog telephone adapter. When we talk about VoIP systems, what we need to mention is that they aren’t exclusively adapted to today’s smartphones. They can also be used for traditional landline devices. The analog adapter allows you to connect your old phone to a computer and thus establish a VoIP call. It downloads an analog signal, converts it to digital data, and sends it over the Internet. However, if you check out Evolve Network Solutions, you will discover that cloud-based voice systems exist as well. A cloud-based system is very similar to a typical VOIP system, except that instead of having a landline, it is in the cloud for ease of access.

The computer uses these voice calls thanks to the installed programs available today. This is done completely free of charge – the only condition is that the person talking on the other side of the line also has this application installed and set.  Skype, Apple Facetime, or Google Talk… just some of the examples of programs that use this method of a voice connection. Sounds familiar?

And of course, the devices which are most accessible to everyone today – smartphones. You can make calls through them thanks to numerous applications such as Viber or WhatsApp, which are also among the programs that offer this option.

What equipment do we need?


When talking about the equipment you need to provide in order to be able to use these services, you should pay attention to the following.

For this type of conversation, it’s considered the best to use an IP phone, which is actually made for this purpose. The desktop phone is its more complete name and is specially programmed to work with this system. You can get this equipment from your ISP, but it’s also possible to buy it online.

Among other things, for VoIP communication, you need to have some of the devices such as a smartphone, desktop, or laptop, or PC. Calls can be made via tablets, too, and, as people from the room don’t really need to hear everything, it’s a warm recommendation to get a pair of large headphones designed for this occasion.

If you use this technology for business purposes, you can also purchase conference equipment and speakers that will facilitate group communication.

Why is it good to be applied in business?

Choose this communication system to provide high-quality services to your customers and employees. Just as you would sign up to use regular phone services, you need to sign up for this as well. Great flexibility has been offered in terms of sending outbound calls to any part of the world and you even have the ability to add more users to the conversation.

This system is highly recommended for small businesses that want to step up and reach out to other parts of the world. So, if you own a business in Vancouver, local VoIP providers such as B1 Communications, are readily available to provide you high-quality VoIP systems for your business.

Voice over IP systems are considered as reliable as analog. This way, conferences and online seminars can be held without bothering with unnecessary technical requirements, and they can be used in companies that deal with sales (for marketing purposes), as well as call centers and various types of technical support and customer care basis.

Some Voice over IP service providers also offer a free license for several years, which could be super cost-affordable. It can also be pretty easy to cope with this kind of communication as you can always bump into a bunch of useful articles, as some websites contain such type of help, so it’s possible to see how they look on The Voip City website. And not only articles – but also many attractive deals that might make you want to consider various kinds of possibilities.

What are the benefits of using it?


Once you understand how all this works, you will wonder what benefits it can bring you. The first reason is that traditional methods are much more expensive than this because this system works via an internet connection. Calls can be diverted at any time, so interruptions that occur due to a power outage or bad weather won’t actually be a problem.

Since smartphones use this option, it allows conversations while moving, which will be helpful for busy people who have a fast pace of life.  From a business standpoint, you can set up recording of your operators’ conversations with customers and thus see what and in which segments they need to change.

Once you understand how useful VoIP is, you’ll get a clear picture of how to use it to achieve maximum efficiency. It can certainly be a great tool in your business and private life and allow you to talk to dear people indefinitely, whether they live near you or on the other side of the planet.