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How Do Modern Restaurant Uniforms Look Like

by Dangula Bingula

Finger food, vegan food, molecular cuisine, and fusion style: these are just some of the new cooking styles that have quickly spread in recent years. Alongside the classic restaurants, many new modern, fashionable, special rooms have been opened around the major cities of the world.

These new choices are characterized not only by a unique and innovative kitchen style but also by a personalized design. Minimalist or fake vintage? Industrial or shabby chic?

The furnishings of the modern restaurants are carefully chosen to describe the philosophy of the management best.


As the furnishing, also the uniforms of waiters, waitresses, chefs, and sommeliers are modern and customized. The room staff faces every day with dozens of guests. They are in charge of people accommodation, and they also have the task to ensure their comfort during the stay. So, the service as the image must be coordinated with the style of the restaurant.

Are you a modern and friendly vegan bistrot? You will welcome your guests with a smile, you will wear a simple and comfortable uniform, and you will bring them a simple two-page menu.

Are you a starred fusion rest? You will welcome your guests with elegance, your uniform will be made of modern and innovative fabrics, you will be the one to tell what the dishes of the day are, without providing them any menus.


So, let’s imagine yourself entering a trendy place where only finger food is served and finding waiters in sports work clothes, such as a denim apron. The denim apron is one of the latest trends in the field of catering work clothes, but it cannot fit into a modern luxury restaurant. According to CorbaraWeb.com, before choosing your modern restaurant uniforms, it is very important to understand who you are and what you would like to say to your guests with your image.

New fabrics and colors for modern restaurant uniforms and aprons

Surely, modern restaurant uniforms are designed to answer different needs. As we just said, denim apron is one of the most important trends of recent years.


So, if you manage a modern vegan restaurant, you are a zero-waste angel, and you prefer km0 foods, you will pay attention to the quality of the uniforms, the origins of the fabrics and their environmental impact.

Denim as cotton and linen as hemp-like fiber are natural materials. Modern “green” restaurants choose them for their waiter and waitress aprons, pants and jackets. Usually, these materials are not subjected to artificial dyes, so the colors you can choose from are the natural colors of these fabrics: ocher, beige and dark gray.

On the other side, luxury restaurants look for more elegant fabrics. Synthetic fibers fit with this need due to their shiny and silky appearance. This glossy-iridescent fabric can be plain solid or have a geometric raised pattern. Also, jackets and pants can be made with the same fabrics or other materials as elegant as these, in order to create a color contrast.