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Health Insurance – What Is It And What Does It Cover?

by Jajce d Muckic

If you have been injured, for example, with your knee or hip, you can use your health insurance here. Here you have the opportunity to choose between a private hospital or of course, the public. The advantage of choosing a private hospital is that waiting times are usually somewhat shorter than they are in public. Here they usually also have more time and more resources to be able to examine you and give you the best treatment.

According to Medicarerx.com, Without health insurance, you can, of course, also choose a private hospital – but here you may have to pay for it, and it could well be a somewhat expensive deal. However, before you can make use of your insurance, you need a referral from your doctor. But as soon as you have this, you can then march to any private hospital and have time. This means that you will usually arrive within something similar to a week, whereas public hospitals typically have to wait for two weeks or up to several months to arrive. It doesn’t help much when you feel that the damage is now and here.


How to get health insurance?

Today, more and more people are being offered some form of health insurance through their work. But if you are not one of them, you can easily go in and find and take out insurance. Simply remember to research it a bit online or take it out as part of your insurance.

Once you take out the insurance, you have more options than just free hospital choice.


If you do not feel that you have been properly diagnosed or that a specialist has not examined you well enough, the health insurance will also cover a second opinion. It allows you to see another specialist if you have any doubts about whether you received the right treatment in the first place.

Many health insurance policies also cover intensive rehabilitation programs and various types of investigations. This means you that you do not have to worry about the cost of getting to you faster than what the public might be able to offer you.

Another benefit is that most insurance companies also have a specific crisis line attached that you will be able to use 24 hours a day. A crisis line can help you if you suffer from anxiety or other mental illnesses, or simply if there is something you think is entirely wrong.


However, a crisis line is not the same as an emergency room doctor, so don’t confuse it. A crisis line is typically a bunch of volunteers sitting at the phone ready to listen to your problems but may not necessarily come up with solutions. If you have been traumatized or have mental health problems, this is a clear advantage as the public crisis line can often be busy for a long time as there are not enough staff to take care of all the calls they receive.