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8 Reasons to Get a Hot Tub for Your Home

by Dangula Bingula

When it comes to lifestyle choices, health benefits and simply wanting to own one – a hot tub is seen as a must-have for many homeowners. But what is all the fuss about? Is it justified and worth the investment?

In this article, we discover the top 8 reasons to get a hot tub for your home.

1.      Getting Together with the Guys or Gals


When you get a hot tub installed, it’s a great way to get your best friends together. Shooting the breeze or catching up on the latest happenings is easy to do with a beer.

Soaking an hour away is a perfect way for busy men or women to enjoy some comradery. It eases the tension and removes them from many of the everyday worries that we all deal with.

2.      Disconnecting from the Digital World

If you’re someone who’s stuck in their smartphone all day and would love to get away from it all but cannot spare the holiday time, having a soak is ideal to force you to disconnect. After all, do you want to risk your wet hands losing the grip on your phone and it falling to the bottom of the tub? We didn’t think so!

Being able to periodically disconnect from connected digital devices is a healthy thing for your mental state. The disparate communications and ongoing distractions aren’t good for anyone. Indeed, we weren’t built to be effective multi-taskers. So, taking a break from it all – even for just an hour – is hugely beneficial to our mental effectiveness.

3.      Staying Close with the Family

While young kids or teenagers may be less inclined to hang out in the living room to talk with their family or even sit at the table at dinner time, taking a soak in the tub is a different matter entirely.

It can develop into an informal gathering spot – whether taking a soak or just being seated near those who are. Matters can be discussed without the pressure of an official sit-down which makes it less problematic to bring up personal or sensitive matters.

4.      Outdoor Experience


On fair weather days, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of any outdoor time that you can get. Especially in NI when the weather isn’t brilliant all year round.

If you have an outdoor hot tub that’s covered up some of the year, then you’ll relish uncovering it and getting it ready for spring or summer time once again. Like having a deck in the back garden, owning a hot tub encourages you to avoid staying indoors all the time.

When you’re less of a natural outdoors person, then getting a hot tub is a great way to add more gentle outdoor experiences. Enjoying more of nature, the bird songs, the cool breeze, and the garden. If you don’t have one yet, take a look at these hot tubs NI on oasisleisure.com to see if there is a model to fit your garden.

5.      Health Benefits

Taking a soak in a hot tub provides a variety of possible health benefits due to the pulsating water jets that provide therapeutic benefits that a bath or shower does not.

Here are some of the possible health benefits:

Therapy for Post-op Patients


Hydrotherapy is a known treatment for patients who have recently received surgery or been injured and need time to heal. Once the wounds have healed over – but there’s still damage under the skin’s surface – then the warm jets of water act as an encouragement to the body to attend to those spots specifically.

Natural Pain Relief from Body Stiffness or Aching

We’re always looking for more natural solutions to pain, body stiffness, or discomfort due to inflammation, arthritis, and other conditions. Again, the pulsating water jets are the key to providing some measure of relief from discomfort without needing to use more medication to do so.

The soothing effect is beneficial to relax the body. Indeed, taking a soak before bedtime may make sleep easier to come by too.

Back Pain Relief

Certain types of mattresses such as zero gravity models have been found to relieve pressure on the lower back to get a more restful sleep. Similarly, taking a soak in a hot tub offers similar therapeutic benefits by reducing the pressure of gravity on the body and letting it float to some degree.

Also, the adjustable jets make it possible to alter the direction of the flow to create the right feeling where it’s needed. After a long day, sitting in the hot tub can be just the thing to get some extra relief.

6.      Romantic Time for Couples

For couples who don’t find enough time to just be together without interruptions, stepping away to climb into the tub represents a special time.

It’s also something that you can both look forward to. It doesn’t have to take too long either, so busy schedules can be coordinated to carve out half an hour or more.

7.      Post-workout or Post-game Relief

It’s easy enough to play a game of basketball out in the front driveway. But all the jumping around and landing back down can be jarring on older bodies. While the teenagers in the household might not find that to be a problem, Dad on the other hand might have other things to say about it!

After the game (or a hard workout), the muscles will begin to tighten up and ache from the lactic acid build-up. To relieve this uncomfortable feeling, it’s useful to get a little hydrotherapy in. People often find that not only do they feel less discomfort afterwards, but they experience far fewer aches and pains the next morning too.

8.       Spa Day at Home


When you don’t fancy going out to have a spa day, then it’s still possible to give yourself a little “me time” while at home.

Detox with food and drink to feel refreshed, take in a soak in the tub, digitally detox to help remove stress from your life, and feel like a whole new woman (or man) after it.

There are many reasons to consider getting a hot tub. Which ones apply will depend on your personal circumstances.