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Best Flowers for Kids in the Family

by Nina Smith

Kids are bright and pure souls without a mean bone in their little bodies, just like Flowers. To make your kid happy, create a mess and they will be your true followers. Teaching kids the beauty of nature by indulging them with nature is the best activity.

The softness and purity of a flower make you appreciate the blooms. For your bundle of joys, choose flowers wisely. You can opt for Flowers by flowercompany.ca.

Wise Selection for Kids

Source: pexels.com

Selecting a perfect flower to learn the skill of gardening is the first and foremost important aspect. Wisely choose the easiest flower to grow and groom. Thorns are not good friends to anyone except for the flowers. So select a kid-friendly flower and make them part of the gardening era.

Even for the kids who are not little gardeners yet, plant kid-friendly flowers in your gardens. It will be easy for your kid to get involved with the beauty of nature.  There is a kid’s friendly flower collection as well. Most of the flowers are safe but in the end, the choice is always yours.

Gardening as a hobby

Introducing something new and useful is like grooming a tiny plant for its maturity. Youth is the best time to get your kid involved in gardening as a hobby. Digging and planting will help them to learn different things with a close connection to mother earth. Patience is the key to be successful with kids, teach them slow and simple.

Amazing flowers for your little ones

Source: pexels.com

The choice of flowers is overwhelming. Select the one you find suitable for your kids’ first gardening lesson and order. Here are the best kid-friendly flowers:

  • Wooly Lamb’s Ear: A perennial flower that grows anywhere and is simply irresistible. Just like its name, the leaves and flowers are extremely soft to touch. Kids love it. Stachys is the actual name for woolly lamb ear.
  • Impatiens: The best option for just digging a hole and putting in a seed in any nice shady spot. Impatiens need no care to thrive. Just water them to keep moist soil and they will bloom beautifully and kids will love the soft bright flowers.
  • Tulips: The beauty of tulips is outstanding, with different shades assembled in a vase. Tulips are the most recommended option for kids. Children love the bright colours and tulips have that in abundance.

There is every colour choice for tulips. Order them for kids to plant and care for. Avoid direct sunlight when in a vase and 3rd-day water change.

  • Daisies: Gerbera daisies are another perfect choice for little kids. After seeding, they require daily watering but in little amounts. Kids can learn the difference between watering methods as well. The art of caring is a great lesson through flowers.
  • Nasturtium: If planning the gardening lessons with kids, but with pots and containers! Nasturtium is the best option. They are super easy to grow and are brightly coloured. They are edible and safe for kids to try. Teaching the difference between edible and non-edible ones is a must.
  • Marigold: Marigold flowers are the easiest to grow for kids. They thrive very well with little care. Colour choices are endless and always available. Let your kid decide. The edible nature of petals is a plus, let your kid taste.
  • Sunflowers: With the large seeds of sunflowers, they are the easiest to manage with grubby little hands. The maintenance of sunflowers is the easiest, as they do well in any sunny place.

The idea of gifting kids with sunflowers in a vase is also an option available. Re-Cut the stem and changing the water every third day are the basic care tips.

  • Allium: Also known as drumsticks, allium are lollipop-like blooms attracting the kids immediately. They give a Candyland look to your garden and kids love to touch them. They are the onion family members and do not taste as good as they look.
  • Chenille: The catkin-like blooms of a chenille flower are red, fuzzy and kids’ favourite to touch and pet. Your little gardens will feel proud of the beautiful results. They are easy to grow and are vibrant to look at and touch.
  • Hyacinth: The bright and vibrant shades of the hyacinth flower are the attractive sources for kids. The scent and fragrance of each colour shaded hyacinth differs from the other one. Kids get fascinated with these facts when taught the difference. The purple shade is the most common and attractive one.

There is a variety of colour options to choose for hyacinth. Order bulbs and plant them in your garden this summer.

Preventional measures with kids as gardeners

Gardening is fun, but playing carelessly with the gardening tools is not. Safety always comes first. Gardening should be a fun and soothing experience for kids as well.

  • If your kid is small to handle the tools, place them or hide them out of their little hands.
  • Soil should be examined because of the industrial contamination hazard, it could be harmful to kids.
  • If you have well on your land, make sure it is properly sealed or covered. Kids should be told not to go near it.
  • Avoid poisonous flowers and plants in your garden. Kids do not know the difference between flowers.
  • While gardening kids should always be under adult supervision to avoid any mishaps.
  • Chemicals like weed killers and pesticides should be kept and stored under a lock.


Kids are our top priority and selecting something for them to learn should be fun and creative. Flowers are the best for little kids to learn the phases of a life cycle. Select the different options for your gardeners and teach positive and preach results.