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Five Ways to Get More Organized

by Dangula Bingula

Whether you’re trying to tackle your university workload, an ever-demanding boss, or both, proper organization is key to achieving satisfying results without losing sleep about it.

Keeping your tasks neat and orderly helps preserve a mental calm. Organization can also help you on the path to success. So, without further ado, here are five simple steps to help you on your path to becoming organized.

Keep It Simple


Don’t keep your lists scattered all around. Instead, get familiar with the practices of a simple, minimalist system.

According to Kanbanize, the best way to manage workflow for organizations is through simple, visual steps and delegation of work on several levels.

What is Kanban, you may ask? It is one of the many standards of successful leadership and increased effectiveness. Their advice is applicable for individuals as well, though, pick a plan and make it fit your individual needs.



A clear desk leads to a clear mind. You may be one of those people that work best with a mess all around them – but remember that even that mess is systematic in some way. There’s no need to keep old restaurant menus and notes from tasks finished a year ago.

If some of those items have value to you, make a ‘Store’ file, whether physical or virtual, and put it aside. The only things that should find their way to your workstation are those you’re dealing with at the time.

To Do Lists


It’s a busy life, and demands are constant and many. Trying to remember all of them can lead to feeling overwhelmed – you may end up not even knowing where to start.

Lists are your friends. Ideally, you will make two of them. One could deal with significant assignments looming ahead, and a short term one can handle smaller tasks you need to tackle in a single day. From there, pick a thing from the list and start doing it. Checking items off is oddly gratifying too.

Optimize Multitasking

Some people are more capable than others to tackle several tasks at once. While singular focus may increase your productivity for assignments that require a long term time commitment, it may also end up wasting your time.

Instead of giving all your attention to a task at a time, try grouping them. Choose those that go well and use the same parts of your brain – your brain will thank you for not having to switch gears all the time. If a considerable workload asks for your undivided attention, though, leave time only for it.

Plan Ahead


Even with a list of tasks in front of you, a tidy desk, and a visual representation of everything you need to do, it may seem nearly impossible to fit everything into a single day. There are tools to help you with that as well.

Nowadays, many calendar apps have followed Google Calendar, allowing you to set time slots for yourself. Once you write down your to-do list, make assumptions on how much time each task asks for. Put it in your calendar and follow it.

Don’t expect to get it right straight away though. Experiment with apps and time delegation, but make use of this asset to ease the pressure of your everyday life.

The Bottom Line

We’ve touched upon only the tip of the iceberg called organization. If you want to add something you saw online or your original idea, go ahead.

The only thing you need to remember is to take it one change at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your routine won’t be, either. Give yourself time to adapt, and before you know it, staying on top of things will be a piece of cake.