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In Active Search: How to Find a Girlfriend?

by Nina Smith

Sometimes it may seem that finding a girlfriend is an impossible mission. But it is too early to despair. The advice is simple but effective — get out more often (clubs, events, parties, groups of friends). Once you notice a girl you like, try to impress her, both in appearance and competent dialogue. If all goes well, ask her out on a date. And then it’s not so far from the relationship. Let’s move on to more detailed instructions starting with an invitation of a girl.

1. Find out What She Wants

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When you meet the right person when sexy girls dating on the brides4love site, then invite her to go out together. You don’t have to present it as a date. Say that you would really like to go to the cinema/ride a bike in the park/go to a climbing wall, etc. And invite her to join. If the girl refuses, ask her how she would like to spend time. Or find out in advance. Is she still uninterested? Well, let’s move on. A phrase that will help (if at the right moment you stop thinking out of excitement): “The premiere of this film, which everyone is waiting for, will take place on Friday. Do you want to go?”

2. Cheek Brings Success

Whether it is a date or not is up to you. And also from your courage, from what the girl feels for you, and from circumstances in general. You don’t have to beat around the bush — just ask her out on a date. If a girl is into you, she will be glad that she doesn’t need to puzzle over what kind of relationship you are in. Be prepared in advance that she may refuse you. It happens, but life goes on.

3. Attention

She needs to feel special. Surround her with attention. Move your phone away. Ask questions and listen carefully to what she says. Compliment her and make eye contact.

4. Second Date

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At the end of the date, say that you had a great time and would like to repeat it. Call or write to the girl — on the same day, the next day, or after some time.

5. Just Together

How often should you see each other and spend time together? It depends on your age, your rhythm of life, and simply on yourself. If you don’t have the opportunity to see each other often, communicate on social networks — exchange messages, respond to each other’s updates. If you study or work together, take advantage of this — go to lunch together, take a walk, etc. But don’t rush things. You will have to go on several dates before you become an “official” couple. Communicate, get to know each other — then the process will go faster.

6. Get to the Point

When you feel ready, invite her somewhere where you can talk calmly. If this place is romantic and atmospheric, it is great. Tell her that you feel very good next to her and invite her to become your girlfriend. If you aren’t ready to ask this in person, well, take advantage of modern technology. Everything is the same here, only in the text form: “The time spent with you was the best in recent days. Let’s be a couple?” No need to bombard the girl with messages — wait for her answer.

7. What If She Refuses?

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Refusal is unpleasant. If you are very young/sensitive, or this is your first rejection, it won’t be easy. But everyone goes through this one way or another. It is better to offer and receive a refusal than to regret your cowardice all your life and then be tormented by the question “What if?” But you shouldn’t pounce on a girl and embarrassingly try to turn it all into a joke. Thank her for her honesty and move on.

How to Make a Right Impression

Here are some tips to follow.

  • Confidence: Choose clothes that fit you well. You shouldn’t only look good but also feel comfortable. If you and your girlfriend have common interests, you can emphasize this by wearing a T-shirt with the image of your favorite band, symbols of your favorite sports club, etc.
  • Hygiene: Everything seems to be clear, but nevertheless. It is almost the most crucial point. It is even better to be late, make a ridiculous joke, or spill coffee on yourself than show up in dirty clothes. And don’t overdo it with perfume.
  • Self-development: If you have any skills, develop them. If you have wanted to do something for a long time, it’s time to start. It will also help you distract yourself from unnecessary thoughts.
  • Enjoy the loneliness: Why include this point in an article on how to get rid of this very loneliness? As long as you radiate despair, you cannot improve your personal life. You will be too constrained and inhibited, or you will harass the girl with jealousy. Free people who are interested in being alone are the most attractive.

Where to Search for

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Consider the below possibilities.

1. Friends

Many couples met thanks to the help of their friends. Your acquaintances probably have free friends/colleagues/classmates/sisters, etc. Don’t refuse when you are invited somewhere, especially if the event involves new acquaintances. You can arrange an acquaintance yourself — through social networks. Like, comment on the post of a friend of your friend. Subscribe/add to friends.

2. Online

Dating sites and apps aren’t a bad thing. There are few rules — accept rejection adequately and don’t pretend to be who you are not.

3. Communities

We advised you to start boosting your talents or start acquiring new ones. Be open to new acquaintances. Chat with people whom you were previously afraid even to approach.

4. Always Say Yes

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An event at university or work? Okay, I’m coming! Turkish Carpet Festival? Okay, why not. Finnish arthouse club? I dreamed for a long time!

5. Help

Offer your help. If the girl is in the mood for communication, introduce yourself and start a conversation. If the girl is clearly not in the mood to get acquainted, politely say goodbye and move further.

How to Win Her Heart

  • Questions: Ask questions, be genuinely interested in the girl. Listen carefully and don’t sit blankly.
  • Interests: It will be easier for you to find a common language with a girl if you have common interests. You don’t have to be like two peas in a pod. But if you have similar tastes and hobbies, it will be easier for you to understand each other. And there will be more topics for conversation. Don’t pretend — the truth will be revealed. Whether the girl will forgive your lies is a big question.
  • Jokes: Girls really appreciate a good sense of humor. Instead of retelling memorized jokes, remember a funny life story. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.