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Exquisite Emaar Beachfront Apartments

by Sinke Car

Who doesn’t love beach life? What if a beach is next to your doorstep? Yes, you have read right as it’s not a dream anymore. Emaar Beachfront apartments have made it possible by designing a beautiful beachfront community full of all living amenities. It’s a project of Emaar Builders who don’t need any introduction and popular for their astonishing projects.

The trustworthy company delivers premium quality work to its buyers and there is no need to worry about credibility when it comes to Emaar Builders. Click here to check some of these stunning Apartments.

Introduction to Beachfront Apartments

Emaar Beachfront is a supreme residential project developed on Dubai Harbor. Prime location and awe-inspiring serene are distinguishing features of the community which attract nature enthusiasts and beach lovers. Residents can enjoy seaside lifestyle at fullest as the beachfront community resides between two highly popular communities, i.e. Dubai Marina and New Dubai. It’s also next to Sheikh Zayed Road that leads to the main city.

Every apartment shares a visual connection with water that spell bounds a person and impresses every eye from its marvelous beauty. Beachfront is beautifully designed and every detail exemplifies easygoing stylishness that perfectly boosts the charismatic beauty of beachfront settings. You can choose one, two, three, and four-bedroom apartments as per your own ease and enjoy uninterrupted views of Persian Gulf.

Mentionable Features of Beachfront Apartments

No doubt, Dubai Beachfront apartments are beautiful beyond words. It’s the most contemporary apartments you find in the city where glass panels in the front of the apartments give a mesmerizing view and fulfill modern living standards. Shore inspired white palette and room basking in sunlight stuns very viewer. The awe-inspiring beauty of the apartments have unique architecture that compliments its endless summer vibes.


Miami style community offers all living amenities to its residents and there is a swimming pool in front of the apartments where one can unwind the entire tiredness after a long day work. Neat and clean apartments have exceptionally beautiful living rooms and dining rooms. The place is designed so well that every room and area look spacious while balconies are large enough and designed in a manner that you easily see beachfront.

Entertainment opportunities are spread everywhere in the community as you find shopping centers, cinemas, and cafes everywhere in the community. There are multiple fitness centers in Beachfront community while the presence of cycling and jogging track proves it a second to none place for workout. You can not only achieve fitness goals faster, but also enjoy workout in a beautiful place full of natural beauty. The best part of Beachfront community is its proximity with other communities that lets you invite your friends so you both can enjoy workout together. There are also different gyms and fitness centers present in the community where world class facilities are present and you can choose a time that suits you the most.


If you love water-sports, then nothing is a better option than Beachfront apartments. Wake up to the sunrise and see a number of sailboats present in front of your home. Enjoy boating, water surfing, and other water sports with your friends and family. It’s the best place to learn how to swim and enjoy water life at its best. You can enjoy a party beach and make your day full of fun by eating scrumptious seafood. World class restaurants are present there and you can order food of your choice, but delicious taste is mandatory no matter what you choose.


Every apartment illustrates the perfect combination of elegance and mesmerizing architecture. Floor to ceiling windows, glass front balconies, open plan kitchens, and modern bathrooms are distinguishing features of every apartment which are not welcoming attributes, but also ensure maximum comfort to residents. The homes are designed in a way that they illustrate the best combination of modern and traditional architecture. Every apartment comes along with a lounge area, stream room, infinity pool, living room, bedrooms, and luxurious dining room.

Final Words

Emaar Beachfront Apartments are well connected to the rest of the city and communities and there is no issue regarding communication as well. The place is closer to popular Sheikh Zayed Road and a monorail runs between both communities. The rail connects Palm Jumeirah and Bluewaters Island and make it easier for residents of different communities to travel from one side to another. Moreover, Dubai International Airport is not far from it and it takes only 20 minutes to reach there. In short, Emaar Beachfront Apartments are second to none and give you an ideal place to live in with your family.