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How to Draw Funny Caricatures in 3 Easy Steps – 2024 Guide

by Nina Smith

Drawing is an excellent skill that can help people to express themselves and show their creativity. While we have computer programs today and all of the most recent cartoons are made with e-pen and mouse, drawing on paper is still undeniably the best experience. Becoming good at drawing requires years of practice and knowledge related to drawing different shapes.

The most entertaining about learning to draw is that you can create various caricatures. Also, you can describe some funny and interesting situations with your friends and create a memory by drawing a cartoon about that moment.

Keeping memories of your friends, family, or a partner in the form of a cartoon can be a great way to always remember some funny story related to the occasion that made you create that picture. Also, if you are not familiar with drawing techniques, there is a chance for you to learn everything from the beginning. However, you will need a lot of patience and determination to become good at it. We are going to introduce you to some important steps in learning to draw funny caricatures.

Learn to Draw Basic Shapes

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Your efforts to draw something interesting and good from the start probably won’t show any results if you don’t have any experience. there are important steps, and you should not skip them if you want to become capable of creating high-quality cartoons. Your first step should be to use the pen to draw simple objects and shapes beginning from circles, triangles, and more. You have to feel the pen in your hands to become able to draw the same thing you are imagining. Therefore, take a paper and pends and play around until you can control what you are drawing and express yourself in the right way.

Recognize Something Untypical

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After you reach the point in your practice, where you can successfully draw various shapes and objects, you can use your skills to start creating caricatures. The main ability of a good cartoonist is to notice something that is not usual in someone’s appearance, like bigger ears, nose, beard, and more. First thing that you should do is to perform a proper observation of the face that you want to convert into a caricature. Compare it from different angles and poses, and try to figure out which part of the face you should magnify and make funnier. For example, if someone’s lips seem to be too large, your comic should represent them as even bigger. The same is for any other part of the face.

It would be a great surprise for and funny idea to include a caricature of your friends as a present to him. However, you should pay attention to not insult anyone with your drawings. Moreover, by learning to create basic shapes like triangles and circles, you can become better at drawing faces. The basic form of each face should consist a circle and a couple of triangles in the beginning, and then you have to add more details.

Remodeling and Adding Details

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When you have a proper base for the picture, you can continue by adding shades, colors, and other features. Be sure to add an accent on the part of the face you are planning to magnify. For example, if you want to create unnaturally bigger jaws, draw the rest of the face in a standard size, and add a magnified jaw in the end. The main benefit of caricatures is that you can also manage to express someone’s personality not only through his uncommon features on the face but also by combining several of them. For instance, drawing a jaw that is trying to pronounce some word that describes that person the most.

Important Things to Know

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Besides getting the proper equipment and practicing a lot, there are also other important skills that you have to learn about drawing. Before you start creating a caricature, you should find several pictures of that person that show it from different angles. With this method, it will be much easier for you to determine which part of the face or body to magnify. You should not focus only on the face, especially if there are other parts of the body with an untypical size. The main point of this sort of cartoon is to be funny.

Therefore, be sure to choose the right part for magnification. Also, you can choose more than one part for resizing to make the picture even more interesting. For example, it might be funny to draw an unnaturally big head along with incredibly small arms. Moreover, if someone is going to a gym more often, you can draw huge hands along with smaller heads or legs to create an even bigger accent on that person’s muscles.


Learning to draw represents a great technique that can help you to express your feelings at any moment. Also, there are modern devices with digital pens and boards where you can draw and edit the same picture on your PC and get an even better piece of art. With the fact that social media are so popular today, this ability represents an excellent way to have fun with your friends all the time and share their funny pictures on Facebook and Instagram. On the other hand, be sure to do that only with their permission.

The main advantage of this skill is that you can surprise friends and members of your family with something amusing. On the other side, even if you lack proper skills for quality caricature drawing, you can hire a service that can create funny arts out of your friends. Also, you can get their work in both paper and digital formats. For example, you can hire Company 24, which represents a group of professionals where you can choose over 2,000 backgrounds and get the desired caricature in less than a week. For more information about this service, visit caricature24.com.