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Dogs and Owners – Connection

by William Gist

To many people, owning a dog is one of the biggest forms of happiness. Experienced dog owners know how to properly establish a connection with their so-called best friends, but what happens with those that never owned a pet before? Well, that’s exactly what we’re talking about in this article, so if you are interested in learning some more, feel free to continue reading until the end.

Why is a good connection with your dog important?


It might sound a little bit weird, but a solid connection with your dog is as important as a solid connection with your partner. Dogs are called a men’s best friend for a reason, and you need to make sure that it stays that way. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways that you can improve your relationship with your beloved pet.

Spending more time together


If you are not paying attention to your pet, chances are that it will be sad and not satisfied with the lack of attention. You’ve got them for a reason, so spend some time with them and show them how much you care and love them. Sharing experiences, doing daily activities and learning new things together is very important.

Communicating clearly

Believe it or not, your dog is capable of learning a lot more than you thought. Whether it’s a new word, a new trick or an entire phrase that you’re constantly using to tell them something, it can be done. Practice makes perfect, so make sure that you are investing quite enough time into your communication.

Remember that dogs pay more attention to what we do, not what we say, so be clear in your actions and make sure not to confuse them. If they’ve done something bad, let them know, if they’ve done something good, reward them. This is the key to establishing a great relationship. Feel free to visit Dog Struggles if you want to learn some more.

Dogs learn through rewards and punishments


They are very clever, but not as much as humans, so we can’t really talk our way into changing their behavior. If they’re doing something bad, such as scratching your furniture or tearing apart your clothes, you need to let them know with an action, not with words. Use a newspaper and give them a slap, the sound will scare them and let them know that they’re being punished. If they’re doing everything as they should, and listening to your commands clearly, make sure to reward them with a treat or something that they love eating.

Training your dog means more freedom


Trained dogs that are obeying commands and immediately start running back after they’re called have usually a greater freedom. Stubborn dogs that are not listening to anything you say are kept on a leash for the exact same reason. If you are sure that your dog will come back as soon as your whistle and call them back, you have a lot less concern to let them play in the outdoors all by themselves. Make sure that you practice these things on a daily basis and train your dog to listen.