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Which Designer Bag Is Right For Me – 2024 Guide

by Nina Smith

Designer bags are every woman’s first and foremost desire. Every girl wants to have at least one designer bag, which can complement her dresses or any outfit that she wants to wear. When it comes to designer bags, they have a style and aura of their own. Sometimes women are portrayed as a species that is difficult to understand. They are stereotyped as picky or choosy when deciding on trivial matters.

However, in reality, women are powerful and smart customers who know exactly what to buy and what not to buy. They see all the pros and cons before buying anything and then put their money into the best option that is available. Designer handbags, especially, don’t come cheap. They are priced at hundreds of dollars apiece. So, women, are very particular when it comes to choosing them.

If you have been thinking for a long time to invest in a designer handbag, this article will help you. Pursefactory know you have an eye for details, and that you would want only the best for yourself. So, here we give you some simple tips to keep in mind when buying designer handbags. These tips will help you buy those bags that are designed to give you full value for money.

1. Know your brand

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When it comes to designer bags, one should be aware of the top brands that rule the industry now. Hermès, Chanel, Dior, Michael Kors, Bottega Veneta, Dolce & Gabbana, etc., are some of them.  These are all top brands that use the best craftsmanship in their work. You can choose if you want to be classy, sassy, chic, or simple by choosing the brand that fits your requirements. If you are vegan, believe in cruelty-free products, or want a specific shape and size of the bag, you must explore all the options until you land on your preferred brand, which makes bags, just the way you like them.

2. Know your style

Knowing one’s style is crucial before investing in a luxury bag. You should know if you are more of a tote person or a satchel person, you want a big bag or a small one, if you want to use it for years, if you will be able to carry it with you on occasions, if it will fit all your needs and lastly if your chosen bag matches your energy. If you like yellows and you settle with blues you won’t really feel confident to pull off the look you have created.

It is important to know what you like. For example, if your style is bolder and sharp, and you need a bag for parties you should go with a black clutch or red sling bag. On the other hand, if you are more subtle and simple and need a bag for a formal look, you can go with a cream or beige bag. Your style defines you, so carry it well!

3. Purpose and use

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This is a very important step in buying a designer bag. Usability and purpose are two factors you wouldn’t want to ignore when buying a handbag. You don’t want a bag that would just be lying around in your wardrobe after spending so much money on it, would you? So it is always better to first have a clear picture of what you want, before you start shopping for bags. Buying a luxurious, classy bag that gives you an elite vibe is what you must be looking for.

You need to know the purpose of this bag, whether you can carry it to your office or if it is for college or somewhere else. For everyday use, you can opt for a spacious and simple bag, with enough storage compartments. For parties or minimal use, you can invest in a chic small and easy-to-carry bag. You can play with colors and be free to express your creativity here.

4. Sustainability

Whatever size, shape, or color of bag you choose, it will be a big investment, eventually. So, why should you choose something that would depreciate in just a few years? The sustainability of the product should be promised by whichever brand you choose. You may not want to invest in something that doesn’t promise you correct maintenance.

5. Set a budget

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And lastly, let us talk about the elephant in the room. Be it a billionaire or a normal salaried person one needs to set a budget for anything one buys. Just because you are buying a luxurious bag doesn’t mean you have to put in loads and loads of money. You can choose from the brands’ slightly cheaper options that provide the same sustainability and usability for you. Luxury bags exist for a reason; they add value to your wardrobe and your personality. So make sure you choose the right bag that suits your budget constraints.

Bottom Line

Your first designer bag will have a huge place in your heart and it will always be the first investment you ever make. Buying a designer bag may sound very exciting, but you must remember that it is a timeless piece that needs to be bought with a lot of caution and consideration. The tips mentioned above will help you sail through this phase without any hassles. When you buy an expensive designer bag, you should imagine wearing it ten, twenty, thirty years from now and if you like it, you must love it now.

Designer handbags are not just pieces of fashion; they are true reflections of your personality. They are statement pieces that are crafted with high-quality materials, thanks to the craftsmanship of professionals. It is a good idea to research well about the brand, and the features of the bag, before you invest in them. Eventually, you are not only looking at a designer handbag that will last you for many years, but also an investment that promises you good returns. So, buying a designer handbag is definitely a win-win situation for you, if you follow the tips carefully, and make a qualified decision after analyzing all the pros and cons.