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Protecting Your Rights: Legal Tips For Dealing With Bank Phone Harassment

by Kim Marks

Using a loan is the most convenient solution when you need more funds to buy something. It is easy to get one, especially if you only need a few thousands of dollars. However, people often rush into taking a loan without any consideration about whether they will be able to pay it on time.

This issue is the main reason for problems that users are facing with banks and other financial institutions. Moreover, the bank will usually try to avoid the court, but they will try to put more pressure on the client.

In most cases, they are doing that by phone calls. That can be very annoying, and if you are dealing with Comenity Bank Phone Harassment, there are some valuable tips that you can read on this blog about handling that situation.

Phone calls from companies are irritating for most people. Besides banks, there are still businesses that are using this model for research and promotion. It is important to know that there must be certain boundaries when it comes to frequency. Here are some legal tips for dealing with phone harassment.

Recognize the Issue

Recognize the Issue of bank calls - late payments

Source: debt.org

First of all, we have to mention that the bank has the right to call you if you are being late with your payments. Therefore, if you receive a call from time to time, and you are not paying the loan on time, then the case is not harassment.

On the other side, there are some limits that you should never tolerate. For example, if the calls are too frequent, and the person on the line is threatening, expressing bad manners, and causing you frustration, then it can be said that it is the case.

People are not reacting the same on these calls. Some will always answer it, and even start arguing with the person on the other side of the line. Still, that won’t lead to any results.

The first thing to do is to simply ask them to stop calling. If that doesn’t work, there is a special law that protects you from annoying telemarketing and companies, especially when they are calling early in the morning or after 9 pm.

In case that the calls are still there after asking them and mentioning these laws along with your rights, then you can proceed with other steps that can include a trial in the end. You should create a report that you will use as evidence by keeping all phone records. You should also record the calls and use that on the court as proof that you were being harassed.

How to Deal With It?

How to Deal With callers acting as a bank

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The problem is that a lot of people are not aware of their rights. Some might get scared since they indeed own money to the bank. However, you must be aware that frequent calls represent a force, and that is getting over the legal boundaries.

The simple solution is to stop answering. The bank does not have the right to call from an unknown number. However, the calls may still be there, and that can cause issues when you are working, or dealing with any other activities.

If you are not sure whether it can be considered as bullying, the best solution is to contact the lawyer. This person will analyze your case, check out the frequency of calls and the way personnel from the bank is talking to you to determine whether it is a case for the court.

An even bigger issue is when the bank hands out your case to a debt collector agency. That is the most common reason of facing this issue in the first place. If you are getting a lot of calls every day from the same agency, you should contact the police.

Furthermore, it is important to show them that you are familiar with the law and your rights. These agencies are focused on methods that will make people scared of penalties and other potential issues they will face if they don’t pay out the loan in the shortest time.

what to do if collector agency calls you

Source: cnbc.com

You could deal with this situation quite easily when you know all the details from the contract, and your rights. Therefore, tell the collector agency to stop calling or you will sue them. They know that the amount they will recover in the end will be lower than you actual debt if you do that.

There is another option you can use, which is calling the operator that will analyze your call history, determine the number, and then block it. In case that the agency now use another number and continue with the violation of your rights, you will use that as a benefit on the court, and even make the whole debt lower due to compensation that you will receive.

If they are calling on your landline phone, you can call your provider to ask for a full report of these calls. We also have to mention the spam control, which is offered by many providers. They have a base of spam callers like scammers, advertisers, and some of them may even get numbers of debt collectors on this list.

Last Words

You have to be aware that you are obligated to pay out the money you got from the bank. Therefore, it is not a surprise if they are calling to remind you of that. However, you should never let them step over the line.

There is a clear law where calling early in the morning or after 9 pm is not allowed. Also, they must stay calm and polite. If they are using an abusive and negative tone, you can use that in your favor later on the court.

There are some other examples, such as asking for more money than you owe, threatening in any way, make false accusations, and more. It is essential to stay calm in these situations. There is no need to panic. The simple solution is to contact the lawyer and officials, and then resolve everything on the court.